10 Best Structured Water Filters & Their Reviews For 2022

Structured water, also known as magnetised or hexagonal water, alludes to water with a structure adapted to shape a hexagonal cluster. This cluster of water molecules is affirmed to share affinities to water that has not been tainted or polluted by human processes.

The reason behind structured water suggests these properties make it safer than tap or filtered water. 

As indicated by structured water enthusiasts, this kind of water is usually found in mountain springs, glacial melts, and other untouched sources. However, some people firmly believe that one can turn their normal water into structured water. 

However, instead of going through all DIY-ing hassles, people tend to opt for a Structured Water Filter.

Why Do People Love Structured Water?

  • It helps in boosting energy.
  • Structured water is known to improve concentration and memory.
  • It encourages weight loss and helps in sustaining weight.
  • It also helps in promoting better sleep.
  • This water also detoxifies the body.
  • It helps in balancing blood sugar levels.
  • Lastly, structured water helps in improving blood circulation and nourishing skin.

Hence, if you are looking forward to getting your hands on a Structured Water Filter, we are here to help. Here is a rundown of the best Structured Water Filters in 2021.

Top 10 Structured Water Filter Reviews

Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

The Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System gives you the purest of pure water in every drop you consume.

Also, this filter has an effortless and easy-to-use design, and you can install it under your kitchen sink.

The twist-off design of this filter makes it even more special as there is no plumber or specialist to install it.

This filter forestalls structured water wastage through filtration, which makes it safe for the environment. 

Aquasana blocks 99% of about 77 impurities from your structured drinking water.

These hazardous substances the Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System blocks include lead, chlorine, mercury, asbestos, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and other harmful heavy metals. 

Claryum filtration system endures essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and so on.

Furthermore, the Aquasana filter’s metallic faucet also adds a sheen to your kitchen. 

This filter is Certified by NSF norms 42, 53, 401 +P473; the system guarantees full-service satisfaction, water filtration quality, and a chic look. 

Aquasana claims to provide ten times effective solutions for removing impurities and other contaminants from the water compared to other structured filters available in the market right now. 

The Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System shields your structured water from chlorine-resistant issues like giardia and cryptosporidium. 

Likewise, you can also easily replace the filter once you get the alarm from Aquasana AQ-5200 alerts.

Claryum filtration system has a super high limit than other filtration systems that are available in the market as of now. Also, this filter does not require a frequent replacement. It also helps you in saving some money. 

Also, you get a one-year warranty with this filter.

Pros of Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

  • It is one of a kind Structured Water Filter that is environmental-friendly.
  • The filter is known to have a prolonged life.
  • The Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System gives clean and tasty water.

iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink Water Filtration System

Are you searching for a prolific structured drinking water filter? In that case, iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink is the thing for you!

You can very effortlessly install it under the sink tap to get fresh and delightful water from your tap. The iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink can uphold your entire home and can find a way into any kitchen. 

The filtration system, beginning with PP sediment filtration, is trailed by double CTO carbon filtration and an excellent GAC filtration. The 6-stage carbon filtration rightly filters and softens the water. A dual carbon filter acts as an additional layer of protection. 

US31 adheres to the specifications of FDA regulations and standards against NSF/ANSI norms 42, 53, 61 of the product, and water quality.

The US31 eradicates dust, grime, particles, sand, and other common chemicals present in water. It also removes lead, chlorine, toxic, and heavy metals. 

Be that as it may, you might want to replace the filter every 6 to 12 months relying upon the usage and the taste and smell of water. 

The company also provides lifetime free tech support.

Pros of iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink Water Filtration System:

  • There is zero wastage of water and space when it comes to this filter.
  • The filter has a great build.
  • It also comes with a one-year guarantee.
  • Lastly, the iSpring 6-Stage Under Sink Water Filtration System is eco-friendly.

FrizzLife Under Sink Structured Water Filter System

The FrizzLife MK99 Water Filtration System is a two-stage filtration system that filters around 99.99% lead elements present in your sink water. 

You can undoubtedly install this very sturdy, structured watered filtration structure to the Sink. It will require a couple of minutes to install the Frizzlife Under Sink Structured Water Filter System.

Also, the converter fittings permit you to install and change MK99 to any sink. 

An extraordinary feature of this filter is the inbuilt shut valve that will forestall water loss too. 

The filter purges terrible tastes and smells while delivering you solid and great-teasing water. 

You also get two wrenches and three screws connected to this filter, and hence, you would no need to purchase an additional one. 

The Frizzlife Under Sink Structured Water Filter System 0.5-micron filtration volatile blocks lead, chlorine, chromium, six volatile organic compound, mercury, and many other unwanted ingredients. 

Nonetheless, it also transmits necessary nutrients and vitamins in the water.

Every cartridge has an excellent permanence of around two years. Also, this filter can help in filtering about 1600 gallons of water. 

The Frizzlife Under Sink Structured Water Filter System is examined and certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF ANSI 42 and 53.

The under-counter structured water unit system comprises a core filter cartridge. 

Hence, you will simply have to replace the centrepiece of the filter, unlike discarding the whole unit of the filter.

However, the manufacturer recommends replacing the cartridge every 6 to 8 months, contingent upon your use.

Pros of Frizzlife Under Sink Structured Water Filter System:

  • It decontaminates more than 58 toxins.
  • The Frizzlife Under Sink Structured Water Filter System makes your drinking water healthier by transmitting vital minerals in the water like sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and so on.
  • The filter is very easy to use and install.
  • This filter is also safe for the ecosystem.

Brondell UC100 H2O+ Water Filtration System

This structured water unit by Brondell is an incredible choice if you are searching for a decent filter under a tight budget.

UC100 will most likely satisfy your needs and assure you and your family by giving clean and healthy structured water.

Likewise, the UC100 unit will filter all physical, chemical, and natural contaminants from your drinking water while transmitting valuable minerals. 

The Brondell UC100 H2O+ Water Filtration System’sSystem’s incredible carbon block will avert 99% of lead decaying from your structured water to keep you and your family healthy. 

UC100 offers tested execution certified by WQA (Water Quality Association) with gold seal certification. 

You will get great-quality water from terrible taste, smell, substantial chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic blends, and dissolved solids. 

A twofold O-ring filter prevents undesirable breaks while replacing the filter. 

When you install UC100 in your home, you will relish the 6-month usage capacity of this filter and a filtration limit of 300 gallons of water. 

This filter is an outstanding choice for a structured water unit if you are unsure or dicey about which one to get your hands on.

Pros of Brondell UC100 H2O+ Water Filtration System:

  • It fits nicely in the budget for most people.
  • The LED Light Indicator is a great feature.
  • The UC100 is simple to install.
  • Lastly, it is well-built.

Woder WD-FRM-5K-DC Fluoride Removal Water Filter

This structured water unit makes for a budget-friendly and enduring filter, better than some other brands available in the market. 

Woder WD-FRM-5K-DC Fluoride Removal Water Filter is a top-notch product that wipes out the highest amount of metals and unwanted components from your water. 

WD-FRM-5K-DC, made in the USA, gives you clean, safe, healthy water. 

Also, it directly connects to your standard 3/8″ water valves under kitchen and bathroom sinks which saves your time, effort, and money. This filter is expected to last for around 2 to 3 years, contingent upon your use. 

The filter is extremely easy to install, and you can do it yourself in just a couple of minutes. Moreover, it does not require any maintenance either. This filter can filter up to 5000 gallons of water. 

WD-FRM-5K-DC is certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 for chlorine, taste, smell, and NSF/ANSI 372 for zero lead assents to offer the phenomenal nature of this filter

Also, the Woder WD-FRM-5K-DC Fluoride Removal Water Filter purges 99% of foreign substances from water while leaving necessary nutrients in it. 

For example, as indicated, this filter dispenses with 95% fluoride, 99% chlorine, lead, mercury, chromium 6, carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), asbestos, and various pollutants (up to 99%). 

Subsequently, Woder WD-FRM-5K-DC carries pure, unadulterated, and sans fluoride water which feels like spring water originating from your kitchen taps.

Pros of Woder WD-FRM-5K-DC Fluoride Removal Water Filter:

  • It is a no wastage water filtration device.
  • The Woder WD-FROM-5K-DC Flouride Removal Water Filter helps in removing smells, contaminants, and turbidity from water.

Water Filter Pitcher With Water Quality Meter

If you want to taste clean and healthy water with no contaminants and awful smells, the ZeroWater filtration system is the solution. This model is sleek, lightweight, and portable.

ZeroWater rapidly takes out impurities from your drinking water. 

Different brands of structured water units of the market offer very other filtration systems; ZeroWater gives the best 5 phase filtration system that protects your water from all kinds of contaminants. 

You will usually find the carbon filtration in other different filters, but the company uses an ion exchange.  

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), typical in this filter referred to as minerals, salts, metals, chemical substances, fluoride, and runoffs disintegrated in water that pollutes the water, are most commonly found contaminants in the water. 

This filter eliminates around 99.6% of contaminations from your drinking water.

It has five distinct models relying upon the water holding capacity. 

The limit shifts from 6 to 40 glasses which permits the user to choose the one that works best per their needs. 

Moreover, you can undoubtedly modify the size of the bundle from a 1-12 pack alternative to save a specific measure of cash. 

Compared with different filters available right now, ZeroWater’sZeroWater’s NSF/ANSI Standard 53 asserts that the unit has the most elevated lead reduction capacity.

Pros of ZeroWater’sZeroWater’s Water Filter Pitcher With Water Quality Meter:

  • It has a sleek and compact design that saves a lot of space.
  • This filter also comes with a water quality control meter, which helps you keep a check on the quality of water.

Invigorated Water PH003 Alkaline Water Filter

Invigorated Living is a huge name in the market due to its structured water filters. Invigorated Water PH003 Alkaline Structured Water Unit is quite possibly the most versatile filter that is available in the market as of now.

It is super light and can be carried around easily. 

If you plan for a hike, set up camp, travel, and play sports, you should have one of these structured water filters since it is beneficial and contains 25 ounces (750ml) of smooth solid alkaline ionised water. 

You can carry it literally anywhere and be least assured about your health. 

Also, the filter eliminates chlorine, chloramines, some fluoride, and hefty metals from your drinking water that will ultimately shield you and your family from contamination.  

Each filter can filter up to 255 cups of water. 

Generally, it decontaminates 60 litres of water and saves around 125 plastic bottles. 

PH003 filters keep going for approximately one month. Along these lines, if you use the filter on a daily basis, you need to replace it every month. Likewise, it is manufactured using the best quality recyclable Tritan sans BPA plastic. 

PH003 balances the pH and ORP level of the drinking water. 

The Invigorated Water PH003 Alkaline Water Filter dimensions are 10 inches /25.4 cm (H) – 3.5 inches /8.89 cm

Pros of Invigorated Water PH003 Alkaline Water Filter:

  • It helps in improving the hydrogen availability of the water.
  • The Invigorated Water PH003 Alkaline Water Filter releases anti-oxidants in the water.
  • It is BPA-free and made of recyclable material.

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series is a success. This is an under Sink and counter-top filtration system that gives an excellent performance. 

ROES-50, planned, designed, and manufactured in the USA, guarantees incomparable quality. 

It is a brilliantly built water filtration system that decontaminates water and effectively kills arsenic, lead, chlorine, infection, microbes, heavy metals, etc. 

ROES-50 produces water that is way better than filtered water. WQA 58 Gold Seal Certification System guarantees the nature of this filter.

It comes with a 4-gallon pressurised water storage tank which offers a seamless supply of safe water when you need it. Additionally, premium quality filtration is procured by three-stage pre-filtering sets. 

If you long for a durable, stress-free, hassle-free, reliable, adaptable, solid water filtration system for you and your family, you can blindly trust APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series.

Lastly, this structured water filter comes with a two-year warranty.

Pros of APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series:

  • It comes with a high impurity rejection layer and coconut shell 10″ filter.
  • It is super easy to use and install.
  • The filter is a value for money investment and ensures the safety of you and your family.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

The CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Structured Water Unit is a standout amongst other high-end filters available. By getting your hands on this filter, you will have an extraordinary unit with a good enough capacity. 

UC-200 can filter 50,000 gallons of water and can work for around five years without needing a replacement.

Similarly, when you buy this product, you will get a five years warranty and 90 days of guarantee. 

Additionally, UC-200 removes organic and inorganic components like water-solvent heavy metals, herbicides, dregs, green growth, pesticides, moulds, and other unwanted substances. 

Along these lines, the UC-200 unit decontaminates water without removing the supplements and mineral essence of the water.

The nature of this item is checked and confirmed with NSF rules 42 and 61. 

You can connect the unit with your kitchen water sink in merely a couple of moments.

Pros of CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter:

  • The filter comes with a three-month guarantee and five years of warranty.
  • The CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water effectively removes all the chemicals and unwanted components from the water.

Natural Action Under Sink Water Structuring Unit

Need a structured water filter that doesn’t demand you to replace your water filter frequently? 

Well, get your hands on a Natural Action Technologies under-sink structured water filter. This water filter does not require frequent replacements, and that is what makes it unique.

You can, without much of a stretch, install it under the Sink and save space. 

Natural Action filter offers lower upkeep than some other filters available on the lookout. 

A creative and innovative design coupled with the most outstanding filtration guarantees consumer loyalty through Natural Action. 

You get a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 10-year guarantee with this structured water unit.

Pros of Natural Action Under Sink Water Structuring Unit:

  • It provides an evolved hydration because of the structured water system.
  • The Natural Action Under Sink Water Structuring Unit is very much acclaimed.
  • The need of replacing it is not much.

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