Washing Machine Water Filter Guide: And Some Types We Really Like

Do you live in a place where the hardness of water is very high? In case it is a yes, it can presumably have an adverse effect on your washing machine and clothes too. Hard water gets its hardness from the dissolved minerals or salts, and it, for the most part, contains a very high … Read more

Whole House Water Filter Leaking From Top (6 Step Guide)

Water filters are one of the most important inventions in the history of humankind. But, if you do not maintain it well, it might be a nightmare. The chances are that your whole house water filter might leak from the top due to improper maintenance. If you are someone who is going through the havoc … Read more

10 Best Structured Water Filters & Their Reviews For 2022

structured water filter

Structured water, also known as magnetised or hexagonal water, alludes to water with a structure adapted to shape a hexagonal cluster. This cluster of water molecules is affirmed to share affinities to water that has not been tainted or polluted by human processes. The reason behind structured water suggests these properties make it safer than … Read more