Best Water Filter Pitchers and Dispensers

Clean, great tasting drinking water is a fundamental need for keeping your family hydrated and healthy, and a water filter pitcher is one of the simplest, most financially savvy ways of ensuring your home is always equipped with filtered water without the need to always single-use plastic water bottles.

Any place you are — at home, working or travelling, pitcher water filters work as a powerful device for cleansing water. They will prove to be useful under any circumstances.

Because of its useful qualities, it is crucial to pick what is the best water filter pitcher for you. 

Not only that, it is so easy to use that even a kid can do it.

The design of all pitcher water filters is comparative. They include:

  • The fundamental repository — in a type of a pitcher
  • Repository for water.
  • Filter component, or cartridge.

The whole thing can be dismantled and gathered in the process, which is critical when you wash it. 

They generally make such filters from tough glass or plastic.

Top Water Filter Pitcher and Dispenser Reviews

That being said, now let us talk about the Best Water Filter Pitchers and Dispensers.

Pur Classic Pitcher Replacement Filter with Lead Reduction

Pur Classic Pitcher Replacement Filter

Like most pitcher water filters, the Pur Classic filters water by the help of gravity.

You need to fill the pitcher from the top, and then the water courses through the filter to decrease toxins present in the water. 

The Pur Pitcher holds up to 11 cups and comes with a simple fill lid that lets you to fill the pitcher at the sink without taking the entire thing off. 

The spout of the pitcher comes in with a cover to prevent it from splashing. And it fits firmly into the pitcher, making sure that all water courses through and no leaks happen.

The Pur filter is proven to decrease twelve impurities like pesticides, substantial metals, chlorine for taste and smell, drugs, and the sky is the limit from there, by 95% or more. 

Pur’s filters are made in a way that you will have to replace each 40 gallons or about every few months. 

The Pur pitcher likewise comes with a screen that helps in indication when it is an ideal time to replace the filter. 

The green indicator of the filter signals that it is performing great, yellow demonstrates the filter is very near to its end. Lastly, the red indicator indicates that now is the time to replace the filter.

The yellow indicator light is particularly convenient for reminders to place the orders for refill filters, if needed.

Since Pur’s Basic Filter (which the pitcher is sold with) does not help in filtering lead, it will for the most part filter quicker than a lead-reducing filter. 

Pur 30-Cup Dispenser Filter System

Pur 30-Cup Dispenser Filter

Every single PUR water filter is proven to lessen the levels of mercury and certain industrial toxins as well as reducing chlorine (the taste and smell) and so on. 

However, PUR does not filter microbes or bacteria. 

The filter keeps going as long as 2 months and provides you with 40 gallons (or 640 8oz cups) of cleaner, fresher, amazingly tasting water. 

PUR’s prevalent filter technology uses activated carbon and ion exchange media to reduce two times more pollutants than any other filter pitcher available in the market as of now.

The Pur 30-Cup Dispenser Filter System is proven to remove/ reduce around 15 different pollutants from the water.

It is also equipped with a LockFit design which helps in properly securing the filter so that no water splashing ever occurs. 

Also, the Pur water filter pitcher is sleek, compact and fits very well in refrigerators and the design is also space saving which is a win-win.

Not only that, the filter is dishwasher safe and is made of BPA-free material too. 

Therefore, with the help of the Pur 30-Cup Dispenser Filter System, you and your family are always supplied with fresh and clean drinking water.

Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water Dispenser

Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water

Assuming that you are on a hunt for a tall and sleek filter that can easily fit in the refrigerator, you need to look for the Brita Standard UltraMax filter. 

This is a sleek and space-effective filter that gives clean and amazing tasting water at a reasonable price. We will be discussing about the features that the Brita Standard Ultramax filter brings to the table in detail as we proceed.

One of the main things that stood apart for us in this filter was the size. This Brita Standard UltraMax Water Filter can fill upto 18 cups of water. In simpler terms, you can fill around six 24-ounce bottles with water. 

Notwithstanding the amount, the plan is also noteworthy. This Brita water filter has a patented air circulation design, a mesh screen, and an activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Together, they make sure that you and your family drink only the cleanest and safest water. 

Besides, the filter fits in the ice chest easily and is ideal to have on a warm summer afternoon.

You might also love the fact that it is pretty easy to open, reill and even clean. 

One of the biggest issues with this filter is that the nozzle is somewhat bigger than the others in the market. Assuming that your filter is hanging over the rack, quite possibly it can hit the refrigerator’s door. 

In this way, the best thing will be to push it back whenever it is used.

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010

On the off chance that you are a student living away from home, someone with a small space or whatever, there is no compelling reason to put money into a large-sized filter pitcher. 

And that is where our star filter, the ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher shines brightly. The filter can be bought with or without three extra filters and a water quality metre.

A feature that we truly appreciate is that it cleans the water in five stages, each designated towards specific kinds of impurities. 

This water filter by ZeroWater has a five-step filtration process that makes sure that you are supplied with cleaner and better-tasting water. 

The filter uses ion exchange technology and decreases the impurities in the water.

We also love the fact that this filter removes lead from water. Their pour-through filters are the only ones to be NSF certified to remove chromium and lead from the water. 

Consequently, this is the manner by which it always gives the best tasting water. Strangely, their five-process water filter can remove 99.6% of dissolved solids. 

The pitcher is of astounding quality and has a sleek design. You will love the quality of the handle. It is soft and very convenient to hold. 

One of the significant issues that people have faced with this pitcher is that the cover does not fit well. There have been cases where it has not clipped on as it is supposed to be. 

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Standard Metro Water Filter

Another incredible water filter pitcher that is great for one person is this filter by Brita. This one is a reasonable, lightweight, and beautifully designed pitcher that offers cleaner water within merely a couple of minutes. 

We will be discussing what the Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher brings to the table as we proceed.

There is not often a need for a huge-sized water filter, if it is only for one person. But again, that does not mean you will have to think twice about the quality of the Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher. 

This filter by Brita is great for equipping yourself with clean and better-tasting water. Moreover, it can fill two 24-ounce bottles of water in a go.

An extraordinary feature of this pitcher is that it can easily fit into the ice chest and not take up a lot of room. 

Moreover, it is lightweight and will not put any kind of weight or pressure on the shelves of the refrigerator.

Not just that, the filter has an easy-fill lock lid which makes the pouring process easier and spill-proof.

And just like other Brita pitchers, this one also uses activated carbon and ion exchange resin to remove the contaminants from the water. 

In addition, it also has a patented air circulation design that makes it simpler to clean the water and decrease the taste and smell of chlorine present in the water.

Since this filter is by Brita, it is not not difficult to track down any flaws in it. Nonetheless, one of the issues a lot of users have been facing is that water takes a long time to filter. 

It implies that in order to get clean and safe drinking water, you might have to wait for a couple of minutes.

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher – 3.8L

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher

EHM is determined to equip its users with water which is free of toxins and any contaminants and they are doing so with the help of this water filter pitcher. 

With a guarantee to reduce chlorine levels and add supplements to the water, this water pitcher has a thoroughly designed filtration process that offers you and your family clean and safe drinking water.

Browsing for a high-end water filter pitcher can be somewhat of a test, however not any more. The EHM water filter is a cutting edge, 3.8 litres water filter pitcher that can give clean and better-tasting water in practically no time. 

One of the incredible things is that it has a filtration capacity of 2 litres and is great for supplying 2 to 3 people with clean drinking water routinely.

You might also love the fact that this filter has a six-step filter cartridge that makes sure that you and your folks only drink the cleanest water. 

This high-end cartridge can help in decreasing the chlorine’s taste and smell and remove heavy metals and different pollutants from the water. 

In any case, that is not all; it also adds calcium, magnesium, and other antioxidants in the water.

We were also left awestruck with the overall design of the pitcher. It has an easy to hold handle that makes it more simpler to hold the pitcher. 

Additionally, it effectively fits in the refrigerator as well.

One of the significant issues with this pitcher is the top. It is not secure and does not fit as expected on the pitcher prompting water spillage from the sides while pouring. 

In addition, the filter does not keep going long, and replacing it is an extensive and challenging process.

200-Gallon Long-Life Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Filter

Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Filter

Assuming you are a follower for rules and quality standards, you are going to love this product. 

This water filter pitcher by Waterdrop meets all the quality standards and offers you great tasting alkaline water. 

Also, the filter is made out of BPA-free plastic and has a great lifespan.

The great life span of the filter pitcher was the main thing that got our attention. 

This filter by Waterdrop has excellent filters that can filter 200 gallons of water without the need for replacement. 

We were also dazzled with the certifications of the pitcher by WaterDrop. It is NSF 42 certified and is proven to reduce the taste and smell of chlorine from the water. Also, it is NSF 372 certified for removing lead from the water too.

The pitcher has a multi-stage technology filter that can remove a multitude of toxins from the water at various stages.

The water filter pitcher is also equipped with an intelligent indicator that lets you know the water quality in the filter. Furthermore, you can also know about the condition of the filter while the water is being spilled out with the help of this intelligent indicator.

Like a lot of other filter pitchers mentioned in this article, the lid is the issue with this one too. While the pitcher is not difficult to fill and store, pouring the water out might prompt some spills every now and then. 

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher – Long Lasting 150 Gallons

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

And now we will be discussing the most-talked about filter from Nakii. It uses an innovative and high-end filter technology that precisely gets rid of the pollutants present in the water. 

Moreover, it offers fast filtration and a minimal design that makes it simple to store anyplace.

For a 1.3-liter water filter pitcher, we were dazzled with the life expectancy it brings to the table. The Nakii Water Pitcher has a filter that can give 150 gallons of clean water before it needs to be replaced.

It offers 300-400% more worth than some other market brand and its basic filters.

One reason their filters are of a high-quality is on the grounds that it uses Activated Carbon Fibres (ACF) to filter the toxins. 

ACF works effectively in light of the fact that it has an absorption rate of 98 percent that filters chlorine, mercury, and other different pollutants in the water. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the smell and colour of the water.

Another incredible feature is that Nakii pitchers are always experimenting in order to provide you with the best quality filters. WQA tests them for their performance every now and then, guaranteeing that it meets NSF/ANSI standards.

An issue with this water filter pitcher is a minor design defect. The pour opening on the top, sometimes might not open properly, so some intense water pressure will cause the water to spill. 

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter

This water filter pitcher by Hskyhan has a huge capacity with regards to storing water as well as filtering it as well. 

The multi-facet filtration process is great for people who want clean water and at a decent pH level. In addition, it is easy to deal with and use every single day.

Quite possibly the main issue that people face with such pitchers is the availability of filters, yet that is not true with this pitcher by Hskyhan. 

The Hskyhan water filter pitcher comes with two top notch filters that are pretty easy to install. Also, the pitcher has a timer to help in indicating the filter’s life, so you know when to replace it.

How about we move to the working of the filter. We were intrigued to know that the filter has seven layers that work towards giving us pure alkaline water. 

Not only can it get rid of the contaminants present in the water, but it also works well in adding antioxidants in the water to help balance the pH levels. 

You can have faith that the water will not have fluoride, chlorine, and any other pollutants.

We also loved the fact that the brand centres around being harmless to the environment. These pitches can clean around 300 16-ounce bottles of water. 

Thus, it can help you save a lot of money by lessening the cost of plastic water bottles and furthermore limit the plastic waste.

The only con of this pitcher is the filter timer. It is not built with top-quality material and feels somewhat cheap. It is not entirely durable and will in break after a while. Other than that, the pitcher is extraordinary and makes water alkaline.

Factors You Should Take Into Consideration When Buying a Water Filter Pitcher


The capacity of the water filter pitcher will decide how frequently you really want to top off the pitcher and furthermore how effectively it will fit in your fridge or on your table. 

A 6-to 7-cup pitcher is a decent size for a small-sized fridge in a home or work space.

A 10-to 11 cup pitcher is an excellent normal size one for most couples and families. A 18-cup one will make life much easier for big families or anyone who does not want to go through the hassle of topping up the pitcher every now and then.


It is a really significant feature since cleaning the pitcher is an absolute necessity. 

There is no reason for having water filtered into a dirty pitcher. Most pitchers are dishwasher safe, so it is not difficult to simply pop it into the dishwasher and get them squeaky clean. 

In any case, assuming that they are not dishwasher safe, having an easy to open and close tops is vital.

Also, simply dishwashing is not recommended as these pitchers should be washed with cold water as often as possible. 

Therefore it needs to have an ergonomic design that will let the opening and shutting without any hassle. Furthermore, we think that having a pitcher with less holes is better as less exertion will go into hand cleaning it.


Whether you need your filter to help in improving the taste and smell of tap water or you are more worried about probable downstream pollution, which the EPA says is a bigger issue for more homes with old channelling worked before 1986, the best and most solid method for knowing what a pitcher filters out is to take a look at the business standard accreditations they meet.

The American National Standards Institute and NSF International (ANSI/NSF) are private, non-profit associations and the two primary certifying labs are NSF International and the Water Quality Association (WQA), both sanctioned by ANSI. When in doubt of accreditation, the more certificates from these associations, the more impurities the product filters out.


Probably the most badly designed part of water filter pitchers is the time it takes for the water to filter. The standard filters with which every one of our recommendations incorporate require only a couple of minutes to filter, except for the 18-cup ones.

On the off chance that you move up to a lead-reducing filter, expect the all out filter time to practically multiply. While you presumably will not have any desire to sit and hold on for the pitcher or container to totally filter each time you top off, it is not a big deal except if you let the pitcher get empty and need water immediately.


Most pitchers come with an indicator where you can know when you want to replace the filter, and for somewhat more money, you can pick a pitcher with an electronic indicator. 

Since most filters have a two-month time period recommendation, in our recommendation list of the best water filter pitchers and dispensers, we have not focused on an electronic indicator as an element. 

In case you feel that the indicator feature is not too important, you can get an update on your phone too by simply setting up recurring Amazon reminders at regular intervals for another filter or simply leave yourself a note with the date by which you will have to replace the filter.


For a water pitcher, you will probably use it every single day. Therefore, a convenient, easy to hold handle and a spout that is good are significant elements. On the off chance that you plan to fill narrow mouth water bottles, the size of the spout is particularly significant.


All of our top suggestions are produced using BPA-free plastic. The pitchers that we have recommended for little spaces are also accessible in glass assuming you want a glass pitcher and dispenser.


For certain people, having a couple of extra features makes a pitcher significantly more appealing. One of those features is a filter life indicator. 

It is basically on the grounds that it makes it a lot more easier for people to follow when they need to change the filter and order a replacement on schedule.

With or without the pointer, it generally assists with having extra filters that come with the pitcher. 

While you can pick a pitcher with 2-3 filters inside it as of now, picking a filter that gives replacement filters is also helpful.

It is also very important to remember the weight of the pitcher. Water will add more weight to the dispenser, which can be a bit too tricky for some people. 

On the off chance that you can not lift heavy objects, purchasing light weight or small-sized pitchers or ones with handles will be a great idea. Moreover, the pitcher needs to have a nozzle that is not difficult to use.

And with that, we have come to an end of our rundown of the best water filter pitchers available in the market as of now and we hope that you pick the best one as per your inclination.

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