Best Countertop Water Filter to Buy in 2022

While drinking tap water may appear to be an ordinary, low expense, and a good idea, it can, in any case, pose a threat to your wellbeing.

There are many impurities present in water that you might want to avoid at all costs.

Particularly for those with immune system-related diseases or those with weak immune systems, like kids.

However, having healthy drinking water in your house is certainly not a simple thing.

Countertop water filters are the most straightforward method for ensuring clean drinking water.

With a wide variety of various water filters, picking the best countertop water filter for your requirements can end up being a bit too troublesome.

Regardless of the drawn-out course of different features of the many water filters out on the lookout, it is a fundamental process to ensure the safety of your water.

For example, take a look at the sort of water filter – is it a faucet or a pitcher-style filter?

Different things to remember are:

  • The materials used to make it.
  • The toxins that can be eliminated.
  • The certificates and cons of the filters.

Hence, to help you out with all of it, we have brought you a detailed article to help you to pick the best countertop water filter.

Benefits of a Countertop Water Filtration System:

Well, before getting into it, let us also discuss the benefits of having a countertop water filter.

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AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration

Affordable Option:

Assuming you burn through a large chunk of money on single-use plastic bottles of water, a countertop water filter can help you with making tremendous savings.

With a countertop water filtration system, you will have to purchase the unit and the replacement filters for a few months.

Hence, you end up saving money.

Does Not Occupy Much Space:

Countertop water filters are intended to be smaller and space-saving.

While most of the under sink water filtration systems in the market are huge and massive, countertop water filters are sleek and compact and do not take up an excess of side or extra room.

Some countertop water filters, similar to water pitcher filters, are much more space-saving.

You will actually want to store them in any place that is generally advantageous for you, similar to your fridge, and put them in a cabinet far away when you are not using it.

Clean Water:

Countertop water filters can give you top-notch drinking water from the comfort of your own home.

Your countertop water filter needs to have at least the option to filter out chemical compounds like chlorine from your water, helping with giving it a nicer taste.

The best countertop water filtration systems can eliminate up to 90 percent of all pollutants and contaminants from water.

Low Maintenance:

Dissimilar to most entire house or faucet water filters, a countertop water filter requires practically no setup and very little maintenance, making it a helpful choice for any individual who would prefer to stay away from a DIY circumstance.

You will have the option to kick your water filter off with only a couple of inclusions and presses of a button, as most show up as of now pre-assembled.

When your filters are set up, the system is all set to run.

Changing your filters is basic work, and your filter’s user manual will give you clear rules on when to replace them.


Water pitcher filters, the most reduced expense countertop water filtration solution, are the simplest kinds of filters to move.

A water filter pitcher does not need to be connected with a sink, so whenever you have filled your pitcher with tap water from your faucet, you can take it to whichever area you want to.

Faucet countertop filters require a proper setup, but they can be moved around.

It is super simple to separate the filter and move it to another area, as long as it is connected to a faucet.

Simple, Non-Permanent Installation:

Countertop water filters are definitely not a long-lasting tool in your kitchen.

You do not have to slice into your water pipe to install a countertop water filter system.

A countertop water filter can furnish you with clean tap water as and when you want it.

Also, there is no strain for you to keep it in one spot or use it for the rest of your life.

Now, let us take a good look at the factors you need to keep in mind before getting your hands on a countertop water filter.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Countertop Water Filter

Before you purchase a countertop water filter, you need to consider the things that are essential to you in while buying a water filter or those that might influence your buying choice.

Know What is in Your Water:

To purchase a countertop water filter that filters out a particular set of foreign substances, you first need to about all what your water contains.

Water quality reports are easily available to the overall population, and you should get a report from your local water provider no less than one time per year.

These reports enlist everything your water contains after it has been dealt with.

Likewise, you can do your own water test to gather much more precise information for your own home’s water supply.

For the most part, these units come with test strips that change colour depending upon the impurities in your water.

You can differentiate the colour of the strip with the included colour outline to figure out what your water contains.

System Process:

Not all countertop water filters use a similar cycle to filter your water.

Probably the most widely used cycles among the best countertop water filter models are listed underneath:

Carbon Adsorption – A granular or an activated carbon filter takes hold of particles and keeps them out of water.

Adsorption is best for catching destructive chemical compounds like chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides and herbicides.

Reverse Osmosis – A Reverse osmosis water filter uses a semi-porous layer to trap foreign substances as little as 0.001 microns.

The RO system interaction can eliminate over 99.99 percent of completely broken down solids.

Distillation – Distillation is a water filtration process that includes bubbling water until it evaporates, then, at that point, gathering the water into a clean compartment.

Most of the water’s pollutants, including minerals, salts, synthetic compounds, metals, and microorganisms, are then removed.

Filter Testing and Certifications

The best countertop water filters have either WQA or NSF International certificates to demonstrate that the filter fills in as promoted by the producer.

These certificates must be acquired through outsider testing and are hard to accomplish.

Some basic certifications to pay special attention to are:

NSF 42 – For removing certain pollutants that influence water taste and scent, similar to chlorine.

NSF 53 – To ensure that they remove heavy metals like lead and other destructive impurities like VOCs, asbestos, and mercury.

NSF 401 – For eliminating potential impurities, like a pharmaceutical waste.

Unit Size and Space Available:

It’s astute to measure the space close to your kitchen sink in the event that you are hoping to buy a faucet water filter.

There is no point in purchasing a countertop filter that does not fit in your space.

Assuming you intend to store your filter in a pantry when not used, you should make sure that the unit is not excessively tall or wide enough to fit in the spare cabinet space.

Filter Capacity (Lifespan) and Maintenance:

Regardless of the kind of filter you get, it will require some basic support assuming that you need it to keep going for quite a while.

Different filters have different support necessities, so you should read the filter’s user manual to be sure of what is required.

A few filters require replacement after one or two months of use, while others keep going for somewhere in the range of six months to a year before they need replacement.

A few models use a lot more filters than others, which makes maintenance all the more expensive.

You will have to ensure you can stand to purchase new filters at whatever point you really want them to keep up with your system’s performance.


Some countertop filters are more simple to use than others.

Once you are finished with the installation process, a faucet water filter is the simplest filtration system to use.

You will just have to press a button to get water into a drinking glass.

Water filter pitchers, then again, become heavy when they are full, making it more challenging to empty water into a glass.

Likewise, you will have to top off your pitcher physically at whatever point you need to get clean drinking water.

Filtration Speed:

The filtration speed of a countertop filter relies upon the system type.

A countertop water filter system that is connected with your faucet gives you the benefit of water pressure on its side. This kind of system will give filtered water in a second.

Countertop filters that use gravity filtration technology will take more time to filter water.

You will have to stick around five to ten minutes for a pitcher filter to fill a container of filtered water completely.

Connection to the Faucet:

Some countertop water filters will need a connection with your faucet to give filtered water from your tap.

This implies you will not have to fill the filter with water physically, on the grounds that when you press the button to get water, the system will draw water from your faucet.

Assuming you intend to purchase a system that connects with your faucet, you should ensure you have the accessible space close to your kitchen sink.

Faucet-interfacing filters can work when they are attached to a water supply, so they are not the right choice for you on the off chance that you really want a convenient countertop filter.


Not all countertop filters will eliminate minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water.

In any case, filters that offer a deeper filtration, similar to reverse osmosis filters, likely will.

Certain individuals would prefer these minerals were not present in their drinking water, yet others think water tastes plain without them.

The absolute best countertop water filters eliminate healthy minerals normally with the other toxins, yet add these minerals back into the water prior to drinking.

This gives water a more acidic taste.

Costs and Your Budget:

The expense of a countertop filter is affected by various factors.

Countertop filters that are produced by a specific well-known brand name, or deal with a more perplexing water filtration process, are more costly.

Water filter pitchers will quite often be on the less expensive end of the scale, costing somewhere in the range of $30 and $80.

Standard faucet countertop filters cost somewhat more, generally going somewhere in the range of $150 and $300.

A few filters might even come in at more than $1000, particularly in the event that they use reverse osmosis filtration.

Best Countertop Filters You Can Buy Right Now

And now, let us talk about the best countertop filters available in the market as of now.

KFLOW Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, Countertop RO Water Filter:

Relish clean and healthy drinking water when you have the KFLOW Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System.

This 4 phase filter system will block all the pollutants and convert customary tap water into filtered water in less than a few minutes.

KFLOW Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Thus, you make certain to appreciate water with a fresh and sweet taste.

Also, the reverse osmosis membrane on this unit offers an extraordinary 0.0001um filtration level.

It does this while taking out around 100 percent of impurities, including lead, chlorine, arsenic, radium, and then some.

Every one of the materials on this filter is made using food-grade material, which is ideally suited for your general health.

You will be satisfied with the debasement removal rate that this unit offers and the most nonexclusive filters available.

In addition, the filter is not difficult to install, to make it ideal for beginners and is very convenient to use in your kitchen space.

Additionally, the filter has an exquisite appearance, which mixes well with modern spaces or kitchen countertops.

As you would expect with all excellent quality water filters, this unit is also equipped with extraordinary features to make things helpful.

Not just that, the filter features an electronic indicator that will help you to know the time to replace the filter.

Likewise, the spiralled filter system makes filter replacement an exceptionally helpful way to filter the water.

Pros of the KFLOW Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, Countertop RO Water Filter:

  • Comes with a potent reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Hassle-free establishment for advantageous use.
  • Made using food grade-level material.

Cons of the KFLOW Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, Countertop RO Water Filter:

  • Difficult to detach the parts on the filter.

AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System:

Let dirty water be a relic of days in the past when you had the AQUATRU Countertop Water filtration system.

This unit features a strong reverse osmosis system, which is ideally suited for your wellbeing and prosperity.

AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration

It will filter your water, and it contains every one of the minerals expected to increase your body’s pH.

Besides, it likewise does well to prevent an “acidic” climate – which is additionally fantastic for helping your health.

Significantly more, the filter is strong and can eliminate around 82 foreign substances.

It is much more impressive than the ordinary filters you will find in the market.

The filter wipes out toxins like chlorine, radium, fluoride, copper, and the sky is the limit from there.

The most outstanding aspect of using this filter is that it does not need any installation and is easy to use.

With the AQUA TRU filtration system, you can feel satisfied that you will get clean water every time.

Moreover, the filter uses a 4 stage filtration system that is exceptionally successful at battling pollutants.

Pros of the AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System:

  • Will re-establish the nutrition structure of your water.
  • Can eliminate different sorts of toxins from the water.
  • Does not need any plumbing tools.

Cons of the AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System:

  • The digital display is tiny.

Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT Countertop Self Cleaning Touchless Bottleless Filter

This unit accompanies a proper installation kit to make things easy for you.

To be specific, the installation pack features tubing, three-way plastic, a push connector, a shut-off valve, and guidelines.

avalon A8 bottleless countertop water filter cooler

All things considered, you make certain of a strong filter that you can use to improve your water quality further.

Besides, on account of the interesting double filtration feature, the nature of water is great all of the time.

The double filters feature a dregs and carbon block filter that can filter as much as 1500 gallons of water.

To make things better, the water filter is accessible with a hot and cold water option.

While using the water filter, you can pick between various results that will suit your necessities.

Other than that, the water is filtered with the double filtration system, which features dregs and a carbon block filter.

The filter also comes with a self-cleaning instrument that will disinfect and sanitize the device.

Thusly, you make certain of a unit that will prevent bacteria or virus buildup – ideal for making excellent water.

Pros of the Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT Countertop Self Cleaning Touchless Bottleless Filter:

  • Has a hot and cold water option.
  • They are equipped with a complete installation kit.

Cons of the Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT Countertop Self Cleaning Touchless Bottleless Filter:

  • The size of the spout is tiny.

Frizzle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration system is basic and sturdy.

It offers an unrivalled performance by which it can filter out particles as little as 0.0001 microns in size.

Frizzle Reverse Osmosis Filter system

The filter likewise upholds 4 phase super reverse osmosis technology to make it helpful for your requirements.

With this filter, you make certain of an item that can take out different kinds of impurities.

These incorporate lead, chlorine, heavy metals, arsenic and a lot more.

Interestingly, you get this multitude of advantages with only the press of a button.

Outfitted with advanced filter water recycle tool, this unit has a drain water ratio that can reach 5:1.

Also, the design of this filter is sleek and stylish and can easily fit in your office, room or any place you want to.

Pros of the Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System:

  • Comes with a robust 0.0001-micron 4 step filter.
  • It is equipped with advanced drain water recycling technology.
  • Does not require any installation.

Cons of the Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System:

  • None.

SVAGO Kitchen Countertop Drinking Water Faucet Filter

Relish the greatness of the SVAGO Kitchen Countertop Faucet Filter.

Regardless of whether you need a fresh glass of water or water for espresso, this unit is awesome.

SVAGO Kitchen Countertop  filter

A brilliant filter will give extraordinary tasting water – ideal for little kitchen spaces.

The water filter accompanies a diverter valve, which guarantees you attain the functionality from your kitchen faucet.

It allows you to do this simply by switching between filtered and unfiltered water.

The manufacturers of this unit have likewise made it simple to actually take a look at the leftover life expectancy of your filter.

All thanks to the 240-show screen, which tells you regarding the perfect time to replace the filter.

The filter is robust and can eliminate different kinds of impurities.

These incorporate chlorine, lead, growths, and different contaminations.

As a completely functional water filter, this unit accompanies every one of the fundamental tools you really want for an advantageous establishment.

These incorporate a filter cartridge, wrench, faucet connector, and gasket.

Pros of the SVAGO Kitchen Countertop Drinking Water Faucet Filter:

  • Comes with installation tools included.
  • Has a 240-display screen.
  • Includes a diverter valve.

Cons of the SVAGO Kitchen Countertop Drinking Water Faucet Filter:

  • It might be a bit too tricky to install.

Brita Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black

Sleek, simple, and solid: these are only a couple of advantages you can anticipate while using the Brita Ultra Max Longlast Filter.

This unit can hold 18 cups of 1.13 gallons of water to make it ideal for enormous families, and that’s just the beginning.

Brita Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter, Extra Large 18 Cup

Besides, it also fits conveniently on countertops, and refrigerator racks have a cutting edge and minimal design.

The BPA-free durable filter is also ensured to diminish almost 100 percent of lead, chlorine, mercury, asbestos, and a lot more.

All things considered, you are certain that all of the time, you get great tasting water when you have this water filter with you.

Significantly more, the filter features an electronic indicator that shows when it’s the perfect opportunity to get your filter replaced.

In this manner, the Brita Ultra max will give a three-time longer life expectancy when compared with PUR lead decrease filters.

You will be pleased to learn that this unit features a nozzle, making it simple to pour the water.

In addition, with the interesting flip-top cover, topping off this unit is a breeze.

It is a strong filter, which you can use to replace 900 standard 16 oz water bottles.

Because of this advantageous filter, you will find it simple to remain hydrated.

Pros of the Brita Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black:

  • Space savvy and can hold 19 cups of water.
  • BPA ensured the filter would lessen lead and chlorine.
  • Accompanies an electronic indicator.

Cons of the Brita Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black:

  • None.

Santevia Gravity Water System – Countertop Model

Safeguard your home from water impurities when you have the Santevia Gravity Water System.

This unit will reestablish your tap water for clean and extraordinary tasting water results each time.

It will even mineralize the water, all using gravity technology, without any chemicals during the whole process.

Moreover, this filter is the most unique water filter system available, and it offers a lifetime guarantee.

As one of the most remarkable filters available, this unit even features a fluoride filtration system.

It will kill fluoride filter chemicals without leaving any leftover stuff in the water.

Significantly more, you might know that 94 percent of tap water in the United States contains microplastics.

Thus, this filter features a 0.3-micron filter that will eliminate all toxins from the water.

The permeable maidan stones work to oxygenate the water and add minerals like manganese and calcium.

Pros of the Santevia Gravity Water System – Countertop Model:

  • It is equipped with a 0.3-micron filter that is super effective in removing toxins from the water.
  • It has an aligned magnet that re-energizes the water.

Cons of the Santevia Gravity Water System – Countertop Model:

  • The replacement process is a bit hard.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

The CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter would be an incredible addition to your kitchen.

It’s a profoundly productive water filter that you will view as simple to install and set up in your picked space.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Filter

The most remarkable part of using this filter is that it’s not difficult to connect directly to the cool water supply in your kitchen.

Additionally, the process interaction just requires a couple of minutes, and you will just need a wrench for the system.

Because of silt membranes, you have a more than the dependable method for filtering out your water.

All the more, thus, the UC-200 process will filter your water without compromising the beneficial minerals present in it.

It is a filter that eliminates impurities while upgrading the quality of your water each time.

Pros of CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter:

  • It is easy to assemble and install.
  • It is equipped with micro sediment film.
  • The excellent three-stage filtration process helps in giving you clean water.

Cons of the CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter:

  • Not too sleek.

APEC FILTER-MAXCTOP US MADE 90 GPD Complete Replacement Filter

Clean water is not difficult to get when you have the right resources.

Accordingly, for this reason, the APEC Filter MAXCTOP filter is a competitor on this rundown.

APEC FILTER Replacement

The filter has the right assortment of parts to make it compelling at filtering most sorts of water.

For example, the filter features a residue, coconut shell carbon, and dow filter membrane.

Hence, you will see it as an exceptionally successful system at cleaning most sorts of water.

Additionally, the Filmtec 90 GPD layer has been independently tested to give the best filtration results.

As perhaps the best filter available, this unit can eliminate all of the impurities present in your water.

Pros of the APEC FILTER-MAXCTOP US MADE 90 GPD Complete Replacement Filter

  • Has a shell carbon, filmtec membrane and a sediment membrane.
  • Claims to remove 99 percent of the toxins present in the water.

Cons of the APEC FILTER-MAXCTOP US MADE 90 GPD Complete Replacement Filter:

  • None whatsoever.

And with that, we have now come to an end to our guide on the best countertop water filters to buy in 2022 along with some under counter filters as well. We hope it helps you in picking the best one for you.

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