Best Inline Water Filter You Can Buy in 2022

An inline water filter is a little yet helpful tool which you can install directly to your cold water line and then forget about it!

Best for those hoping to get to cleaner and a toxin free water supply, they are also preferred by those searching for quick filter solutions in parades, RVs, and boats.

The best inline water filter permits you to keep your current kitchen tap/faucet and they replace the requirement for a huge under sink filter.

They additionally function admirably in refrigerators and water coolers.

What is an Inline Water Filter?

Pure Inline Water Filter

Inline water filters are long, slim filter cartridges that are for the most part connected to a waterline in your home.

They relish the benefit of being space-saving and clean, and can be installed at anyplace along your water line from your water’s Point of Entry (POE) to the space underneath your kitchen sink, serving the cold water in your kitchen.

How Do Inline Filters Work?

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Inline water filters use the water pressure in your pipes to push water through a filter or a progression of filters, which trap impurities en route.

At the point when you switch on your virus water faucet, or press for water or ice from your fridge or ice maker, water will course through the inline water filter before showing up at your fridge, ice maker or faucet in its filtered state.

This will require merely a few seconds.

Most inline water filters are carbon based, and use the course of adsorption to trap pollutants and keep them from sullying your water and ice.

Adsorption works by restricting the particles in water to a strong – for this situation, the filter’s micro pores.

These foreign substances are then adhered to the filter and cannot go through with the smaller water particles.

Let us learn a bit about the importance and types of inline water filters available in the market as of now.

When Would You Need An Inline Filter?

You will most profit from an inline filter water assuming you are searching for a simple, helpful strategy for water filtration.

The significant benefit of possessing an inline water filter is that whenever it is installed, you do not have to keep up with it besides changing the filter – and in certain systems, you do not have to change the filter for as long as five years.

This implies you can appreciate clean drinking water without the problem of habitually changing filters or cleaning your system.

Inline water filters are great for individuals who have drinking water that has an undeniable degree of foreign substances, however pollutant removal differs from one system to another.

You will by and large see that the best in line filters for water make an excellent showing of filtering chlorine smell and taste, with a significant number of them being NSF certified for chlorine removal.

The most widely recognized method for using a water line filter is to connect it up to your water supply not long before it arrives at your fridge.

This sort of filter is commonly valuable for people who don’t have in-built fridge filters yet at the same time need to profit from extraordinary tasting fridge-cooled tap water and ice.

Types of Inline Water Filters Available

Inline filters for water regularly appear to be identical outwardly – they are long and tube shaped, with fittings on one or the other side to connect to your water line.

Be that as it may, inside the filter lodging, different inline water filters use their own filter material for eliminating pollutants.

A few common kinds of filter use in the best inline water filtration systems are as per the following:

Activated Carbon:

Activated carbon filters is the most commonly used technology for an assortment of water filters, including inline water filters.

Using the course of adsorption to trap impurities in its filter media, an activated carbon filter is particularly compelling at eliminating chlorine taste and scent from water.


Charcoal filters are simply one more sort of activated carbon media, and use a similar adsorption process to decontaminate water.

During adsorption, the activated charcoal ties the toxins to the media, keeping them from going through the system with the water.

Carbon Block:

One more comparably performing filter for inline filtration systems is the activated carbon block filter.

Carbon block filters consist of packed activated carbon that is usually healthy and significantly better than granulated activated carbon, preventing the buildup within the media and offering a more successful filtration.

Now, let us know what all should one keep in mind before buying an inline water filter.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Inline Filter:

Toxins Removed

You can basically ensure that an inline water filter will remove chlorine taste and smell from your water, and many are NSF certified.

Many also remove dirt, dust, sand and other residue from your water which can help your fridge’s ice maker with remaining in top condition.

The absolute best in line water filters remove microscopic organisms and different viruses, and some eliminate follow metals like lead.

Flow Rate:

Since an inline water filtration system is connected to your primary water line, the flow rate can turn into a significant issue.

You need to have the option to get prompt, easy access to ice in your ice maker, or water from your fridge and faucet, without sitting tight for it to gradually go through the inline water filter.

Fortunately, stream rate is not typically undermined by an inline water filter system until the filter is arriving at the finish of its life expectancy, when it very well might be excessively obstructed with impurities to filter water rapidly.


Inline filters ordinarily have a 3000 gallon to a 20,000 gallon capacity.

A lower limit does not show a poor quality filter – it simply implies that the filter will have less expensive maintenance and should be replaced all the more much of the time.

You can ordinarily improve the bargain from paying, say, $30 to $40 for a 5-year filter than $20 for a half-year filter, as it will set aside your cash over the long haul.

Actual Size

The size of an inline water filter is normally an aftereffect of its ability and the producer’s capacity to plan something space-saving.

If space in your kitchen, storm cellar or any place you decide to install your filter system is not an issue for you, then, at that point, actual size will not make any difference.

In any case, assuming you intend to install an inline water filter behind your fridge or in a pantry space, for example, you might have to observe something sufficiently little to fit.

Most inline water filters are around 10 inches long.

Width can fluctuate from one filter to another, with some being a simple 2.5 to 3 inches in width and others being more than 6 inches.

Most filters are somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 inches in height.

Filter Certifications

The most widely recognized certification for an inline drinking water filtration system to have is NSF Standard 42, for the decrease of chlorine taste and scent in water and ice.

Once in a long while, an inline water filtration system may likewise be NSF 53 certified, for the reduction of heavy metals, specifically lead.

Purchasing an inline filter system with a certification can give you certainty that you are picking probably the best filter accessible for decrease of a specific toxin or gathering of pollutants.

Assuming that a filter has been tested and guaranteed by the WQA to NSF/ANSI Standards, it implies a third-party has affirmed its filtration process to be precise.


You needn’t bother with the budget for an inline water filter, yet relying upon the filter system you get, you might have to get ready to make ordinary interests in new filters each half-year to year.

Indeed, even the best inline water filter systems are not designed to keep going forever – so while you will not have to sprinkle out on another filter as much of the time as you would for, say, a pitcher filter or a faucet filter, you will in any case have to calculate the expense your future.

Most inline filter systems cost somewhere in the range of $20 to $40, for certain systems with a more extended filter life costing up to $50.

Spending all the more normally implies you are purchasing from one of the more settled and believed brand names; you are purchasing a filter that can eliminate a wide scope of toxins (and has a NSF certification for one or a few of the maker’s cases); or you are purchasing a system with a long filter life.

Paying less for an off-brand filter can some of the time be a bet, yet a lot of individuals have success with it.

Best Inline Water Filters To Buy in 2022

Well, these were a few basics about Inline Water Filters. Now, let us talk about the actual filters that you can buy.

Pure Inline Water Filter:

Pure Inline Water Filter

This water filter knows that the water used to make ice in your ice machine is pure, clean, and liberated from pollutants.

It ensures magnificent functionality, quality assistance, and sturdiness.

Its pocket-accommodating value implies that you get a value for money.

It is not difficult to install, clean, and maintain.

Notwithstanding being made for your ice making machine, it can likewise fit well behind your fridge, or under the sink.

It works really hard to lessen chlorine levels, residue, and smells from your drinking water and ice.

Pros of the Pure Inline Water Filter:

  • Ideal for machines like your ice maker and refrigerator.
  • Simple to clean and keep up with.
  • Comes with the important connections and fittings for a simple installation process.
  • Further improves taste, eliminates smell and chlorine from your water.
  • Has a limit of up to 1500 gallons.

Cons of the Pure Inline Water Filter:

  • None.

Filtrete Advanced Inline Water Filter:

Filtrete Inline filter under sink filter

This water filter is intended to filter water under the sink, from your kitchen or bathroom faucet.

It has a filter limit of up to 2000 gallons, after which you might have to track down a replacement.

With this much limit, you can appreciate clean drinking water for as long as a half year or more.

Once fitted, you will see no changes in your water streams. It is ideally suited for diminishing chlorine, silt, microbial cysts, and toxins from your drinking water.

Pros of the Filtrete Advanced Inline Water Filter:

  • Viable in decreasing chlorine, dregs, microbial cysts, and different contaminations.
  • Has a limit of up to 2000 gallons.
  • Simple to install.

Cons of the Filtrete Advanced Inline Water Filter:

  • Difficult to install.

GE SmartWater Filter:

GE Inline Filter

The GE SmartWater Filter incorporates the water filter and any possible accessories you might need to fit or install it.

With this water filter, your water will taste fresh, and there will be no contaminants present and no smell.

It is smaller than the basic design plan permits it to fit well without taking a lot of room.

It is light in weight and durable.

With a limit of up to 750 gallons, it will equip you with a good enough supply of water before needing a replacement.

Pros of the GE SmartWater Filter:

  • It is extremely easy to install.
  • Has a compact design.
  • Effective in removing the presence of toxins, pungent smell or taste from the water.

Cons of the GE SmartWater Filter:

  • Might not be the best choice for a large family.

Watts Inline Water Filter

Watts Inline Water Filter

The Watts Inline Water Filter is one of the water filters work really hard regardless of where you fix it.

Be it the kitchen faucet, under the sink, behind the refrigerator, ice maker, etc, this inline water filter will give you similar outcomes and take care of business.

Assuming you need a water filter that needs almost no maintenance, you’ll be happy that with this water filter needn’t bother with much cleaning.

It is 10 inches long and can fit in all quarter-inch water pipes.

Pros of the Watts Inline Water Filter:

  • Features a 10-inch long standard size that makes it ideal for use.
  • Uses an exceptional water purging system to filter out scent, terrible taste, silt and chlorine from drinking water.
  • Has a limit of up to 20,000 gallons.

Cons of the Watts Inline Water Filter:

  • Might not work great when connected under the sink.

LASCO Inline Water Filter:

LASCO Inline Water Filter

It fits well in any ice-production machine and tops any remaining inline water filters you can discover there.

It has a limit of 2,500 gallons and has a most extreme assistance life of a half year.

With regards to performance, this water filter is unrivaled.

It can eliminate any hint of bad taste, terrible smells in drinking water.

It can likewise dispense with dust, residue, heavy metals, and different sorts of contaminations from your tap water.

Pros of the LASCO Inline Water Filter:

  • Suitable for use in ice-making machines.
  • Has a limit of 2,500 gallons.
  • Works really hard to filter out tiny particles, dust, and sediment for clean, crisp drinking water.
  • Has a simple installation and replacement process.

Cons of the LASCO Inline Water Filter:

  • Might be restricted to being used only on ice-making machines and other such tools.

Waterdrop Advanced Inline Water Filter:

Waterdrop Advanced Inline Water Filter

The Waterdrop Adavanced Inline Water FIlter is a solid device that you can be certain of with regards to a constant supply of clean drinking water.

Considering that you keep up with and clean it appropriately as mentioned in the directions, you will appreciate a very long time of clean, fresh-tasting, scent free, and dregs free water.

It fits well in many faucets and supply pipes without any rates of leaks.

Pros of the Waterdrop Advanced Inline Water Filter:

  • Astounding filtration on account of the use of activated carbon filter.
  • Does not leak ever.
  • Simple installation and replacement.
  • Fits well on an assortment of water supply lines and machines.
  • Has a limit of up to 2,000 gallons.

Cons of the Waterdrop Advanced Inline Water Filter:

  • If used frequently, might have to be replaced every now and then.

Woder High Capacity Inline Filter:

Woder High Capacity Inline Filter

While it rules out toxins to pass, this water filter is intended to guarantee that fundamental minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium stay intact.

This water filter has a limit of up to 10,000 gallons, which can serve you for as long as three years before you will need to replace it.

It has a simple, device free establishment that makes it simple in any event, for a beginner to fit.

Truth be told, the whole establishment process just requires five to fifteen minutes.

Pros of the Woder High Capacity Inline Filter:

  • Has a limit of up to 10,000 gallons.
  • Can filter our up to 99.9 percent of pollutants.
  • Has an extraordinary filtration system that keeps every one of the pollutants out and every one of the minerals in.

Cons of the Woder High Capacity Inline Filter:

  • May simply be restricted to commercial uses.

OmniPure Inline Water Filter:

OmniPure Inline Water Filters

You really want at least two water cleaning systems to experience the harmony of brain that accompanies knowing that you are drinking safe water.

This OmniPure Inline Water Filter features a one of a kind plan that makes it viable with different systems.

It is not difficult to install and replace and functions admirably on an assortment of faucets and machines.

With this water filter, you can expect sweet tasting water that is free of smell, chlorine, and other debasements.

Pros of the OmniPure Inline Water Filter:

  • Has a limit of 1,500 gallons.
  • Can fit well in little water supply lines.
  • Simple to install and keep up with.
  • Functions admirably with other water refinement systems.

Cons of the OmniPure Inline Water Filter:

  • None.

Culligan Inline Water Filter:

Culligan Inline Water Filters

Because of its reasonable lodging design which permits you to watch the filtering system.

To give you a simpler time, this inline water filter accompanies a guidance manual to direct you through the establishment, cleaning, and upkeep methods.

With this gadget, gadgets like your refrigerator, clothes washer, ice maker, and water heater will endure significantly longer than their specified length of services.

Its ergonomic valve-in-head is advantageously worked to permit quick and simple replacement and similarity with different cartridges.

It can keep toxins like rust, sand, microbial growths, and different sorts of pollutants from passing and getting into your water glass.

Pros of the Culligan Inline Water Filter:

  • Accompanies an unmistakable, simple to adhere to guidance manual for installation and upkeep.
  • Has a simple lodging system that allows you to watch and screen the filtering system.
  • Has a helpful valve-in-head feature that makes the replacement interaction simple and less untidy.
  • Is viable with numerous other filter cartridges.

Cons of the Culligan Inline Water Filter:

  • Does not fit in different faucets.

And with that, we have now come to an end to our guide on the best inline water filters. We hope it helps you to pick the best filter for your needs.

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