Why Is My Pur Water Filter Blinking Red After A Filter Change

“Man, why is my Pur Water Filter blinking? Why does it have a red light?” 

If these are the questions you have been wondering, this article is here to answer these questions and explain the various colors of lights. And not just that, we also cover a few general questions about the Pur Water Filter in this article.

What is The Pur Water Filter?

pur water filter troubleshooting

Even if you think that the water you see right now is purified and safe to drink, the odds of it having any impurities are incredibly high, the ones that cannot be seen with naked eyes. Tap water contains pollutants that are harmful to the body—hence, the requirement for water filters. And, the Pur Water Filter is here to do the job for you.

Water filters help dispose of impurities by reducing the tainting in water using a chemical or a physical process. The Pur Water Filter is probably the best filter in the market that shields water from pollutants. It comes with light indicators that signal you.

How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

So basically, a PUR water filter should filter out harmful substances from your drinking water to make it safe. These synthetics include lead, chlorides, mercury, iron, pesticides, iron, arsenic, and even odor.

At the point when your PUR water filter is working flawlessly, you will know it through the light indicator. The filter will also indicate you when it can no more drain substances out of the water. 

The Pur Water filters up to 100 gallons of water, equivalent to 2-3 months of filtering work, contingent upon your usage. 

One of the Pur Filter’s best features is that the easy-to-use light indicator can help you ensure your water is perfect, tasty, and scent-free regardless of the sort you have.

Now, This Gets Us To Another Question, What Do The Different Light Colors Actually Indicate?

Pur Water Filter Green Light: The green light shows that the filter is working perfectly fine. The water is free from germs and toxins and is safe to consume. You have nothing to worry about how safe is your water to drink if the light is green. 

In case you have installed the filter very recently, the light should be green. There might also be chances that the green light blink sometimes. However, you don’t need to worry about blinking, and it is pretty standard. It usually happens when you just start using the Pur Water Filter; it is supposed to blink six times. 

Pur Water Filter Yellow Light: The yellow light demonstrates that the water filter has been filtering water for quite a while and will be needing a replacement now. Your Pur Water Filter can come to its end after it has filtered around a hundred gallons of water. So when the light goes from yellow to green, it is a sign that you need to replace your filter ASAP!

It would help if you did not wait for the light to turn red. Go. Replace. The. Filter. Now. 

Pur Water Filter Red Light: The red light on the water filter symbolizes that the filter has filtered up to 100 gallons of water. It also indicates that it can no more prevent toxins and impurities from getting into the water. So the red light is telling you to stop.

Also, if the light is red, avoiding drinking water from the filter. The water is not safe for drinking anymore. You need to change the water filter right away if you see the red light.

If Your Pur Water Filter Light is Blinking Red, How Can You Fix it?

pur water filter light stays red

You are now familiar with what the different color lights on your Pur Water Filter mean. You pretty much might know what the red light indicates as well. You might also be aware of the fact that when any machinery or appliance emits red light, it is a warning.

That is exactly what the red light on your Pur Water Filter stands for. It is an indication of the filter’s failure to eradicate the harmful substances from your drinking water. 

However, if you have recently changed the filter and still blinks red instead of green, it can be a concern. Hence, you will have to reset the filter. 

Contingent upon the type of Pur Water Filter model you use, here is how you can reset your filter to ensure its proper functioning.

To Reset The Pur Pitcher Filter:

  • Find the indicator on the top of the pitcher.
  • Press and hold it for around 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Release the button and hang in there till you see the light turn green again. It implies that your filter is working just fine again.

To Reset The Pur Faucet Filtration System Filter:

why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change
How To Reset The Pur Water Filter Light
  • Firstly, remove the Faucet Filtration System from the faucet.
  • Twist open the lid, so it opens and releases the filter.
  • Find the Reset button on the bottom part of the compartment.
  • Push it 4-5 times until it springs up.
  • Place the filter back in, then screw the lid.
  • The green light will blink a couple of times and become strong, demonstrating that the filter works flawlessly again.

Regardless of whether you have triple-checked everything and that you are sure everything is perfect, including the new filter. Assuming the reset doesn’t resolve the buy boldenone undecylenate issue, there might be some other issues. 

Considering the possibility of the filter having some leftover dirt or being clogged up by some unwanted particles, follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Dismantle the faucet or the pitcher filtration system.
  • Very gently flush the filter or pitcher container.
  • Allow it to dry completely, then re-assemble it.
  • By now, we are sure that you might have a solid green light.

A Clogged Water Filter:

A Clogged Water Filter

As a lot of you might already know, the primary role of a water filter is to provide you with water that is safe for consumption. Therefore, it should not have any unwanted particles or anything. 

If your water filter provides you with a clean and safe water, it is doing an excellent job. However, it might not be the case every time. 

If your filter does not work correctly, you might either have to clean your filter or replace it.  

Before quickly going to a store to get yourself a new filter, check if you actually need it or your filter merely needs cleaning. 

Please take out the filter from your filtering device and put it in a container with clean water. 

Leave it there for 24 hours. 

If you see dirt or anything unwanted or the actual water appears to be turbid, you can thank your filter for their persistent effort and clean the filter and re-attach it. 

When you do this, the light will again turn green, and the water stream should get back to normal, as usual. 

If the clogging is persistent, you can get a new filter for your Pur Water Filter. 

The latter also applies if the light on the indicator is red – if so and your filter is blocked, resetting or cleaning it is pointless. 

The Pur Water Filters have a limited life expectancy. So regardless of whether you clean off the gathered dirt and other particles, it wouldn’t really extend the filter’s lifespan.

Filter Light Is Not Turning Solid Green:

At the point when the light is intense green, this shows that the filter is working correctly. 

Also, commonly, your filter will have a flash of green light every time you turn it on, and then it goes to a solid green light.

In an ideal situation, it will always do that.

But there might be chances that the light is blinking even if you are not using the filter. So it is a signal that you need to clean the filter. 

PS: It is imperative to remember that the same thing as changing the filter – you would still require to change the filter every 2 to 3 months (or sooner, depending upon how dirty the faucet water at your place is).

If you have a Pur Pitcher Filter, take the filter out and blow through it. You can also use a cleansing agent to clean the filter if you plan on cleaning it thoroughly. 

If you use the Faucet Filtration System Filter, detach the Faucet Filtration System from the faucet, open it, and concentrate the filter, cleaning it similarly to a Pitcher Filter. 

Whenever you have cleaned the filter, you should very gently put it back in and reset the light indicator. 

The light might blink for a few seconds and then become solid green like it is supposed to.

What should you do if the water is running very slow from your Pur Water Filter?

fix slow draining pur filter

Two things that most often cause weak or slow water stream when using a Pur Faucet System Filter. 

The first is the filter getting clogged up. Unfortunately, and as we have already discussed earlier, clogging is very common. However, it can be very quickly resolved by merely cleaning the filter well and replacing the filter on a regular interval (in most cases, 2 to 3 months). 

The source that your water is coming from is another conceivable reason for the slow water stream. 

And, as a lot of you might even know that the water usually comes in from underground sources. Hence, it might carry dirt or other impurities in abundance. 

Therefore, your filter will have to work at its full potential, and the process might be slower than usual. This is why you might see a slower stream of water. 

Also, you can still increase the flow of the water in your Pur Water Filter. The easiest way to increase the water flow in your faucet is by using a plastic washer and put those magical fingers of yours to some use.

Take the filter out of its bag and locate the two curved wedges that are inside it. Their job is to keep the filter apart from the connection along with monitoring the flow of the water. 

Now is the time when the plastic washer comes in handy!

Since those wedges are extremely short, regardless, what you can do is place the washer in between them and the connection, extending the space where the water flows. 

This way, the water flow increases without hampering the functioning of your Pur Water Filter. 

Nonetheless, if this too does not solve your issue, open up to the possibility of changing your Pur Water Filter’s circuit. 

Lastly, to sum it all up, water is a fundamental part of life that gets sidelined very often. In the event that we plan to keep our family and ourselves safe and sound from the risks of contamination, we should always play it safe. 

Setting up a filtering system like the Pur Faucet Filtration System or the Pur Pitcher Filter is simple and incredibly beneficial in the long haul.

The Pur Water Filter is quite literally a boon to the humankind!

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