Kube Water Filtration Reviews: Worth getting or not?

Over the past few decades, a lot of brands have manufactured water filters of distinct features, sizes, shapes, colours, and designs; however, today, we are here to discuss one of the most prominent brands in the water filtration industry.

Notwithstanding, with regards to manufacturing cost-effective, successful, and sturdy water filters, no one does it like the Kube. 

Kube is a massive producer of water filtration systems for OEM, commercial, home, and private business sectors. 

This brand has a wide range of choices to furnish you with perfect and healthy water for your family with filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, saltless systems, whole house filters, and water conditioners.

For more than 50 years, this brand has been perceived as “the best and the most reliable manufacturers” in the industry. 

Kube water filters are amongst the highly recommended water filters available in the market, and these units are eco-friendly, not too heavy on the pocket, and sturdy.

It makes many claims and promises compelling in guaranteeing that you and your family constantly get safe drinking water. 

But does Kube actually stand by what they say? Or is it just some marketing gimmick? Well, let us take a deeper dive into it and see if the Kube Water Filtration system is actually worth it or not.

What Makes The Kube Water Filtration System Stand Out?

A few features that are remarkable about the Kube Water Filtration System are:

  • It comes with a WQA Certificate.
  • The Kube Water Filtration System has a sleek and compact design which makes it a fantastic choice.
  • This filter is very easy to install.
  • The Kube Water Filtration System also comes with a filter life indicator that tells you when to replace it.
  • This filter also comes with a bypass knob.
  • The Kube Water Filtration System also is known to remove a plethora of contaminants.
  • Lastly, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Let us discuss these in brief as we proceed.

WQA Certification

Kinetico manufactured the Kube Water Filter system. Kube is certified by the Water Quality Association, which implies that you get a product that has passed through audits and testing by industry specialists. 

The Kube Water Filter vows to remove unwanted substances from your drinking water. The company also claims to remove around 99% of the lead from the water that comes into your faucet. And not only this, but Kube also guarantees that your filtered water will taste and smell better compared to the tap water to which you are used.

Compact Design 

Kube is one of the most compact water filters that you will find in the market as of now. It fits right under the sink, leaving space for different things like cleaning supplies.

It is one of the most remarkable features that make Kube an appealing water filter system. People with restricted spaces, particularly in the kitchen area, do not need to worry over the bulk of the unit. Also, it is an appropriate water filter for people with RVs. 

Super Easy to Install

It will take you hardly around 10 to 15 minutes to set up your Kube Water Filtration System. The system is not complicated at all, unlike how the reviews speak. The system comes in with a tutorial from the manufacturer that helps you in installing it quickly. 

Other than the instructional video, which is available on Youtube, the manufacturer also provides you with a manual along with detailed guidelines to assist you with installing your Kube filter. Please stick to the directions to the letter to try not to damage the filter before you partake in the extensive advantages it brings to you and your family. Avoid going through the easy hacks or stuff that you find in reviews.

Amazing Monitoring System 

One thing that makes this system truly outstanding in the market is Kube’s Filter Life indicator. It helps you to determine the usage and time to assist you with getting the best out of this system. 

Peruse the manual to know how this feature works to guarantee that you do it right. Make sure to check the filter life indicator from time to time to ensure that the unit is working correctly.  

This feature is imperative in ensuring that you get a replacement as and when needed.

Bypass Knob 

It is yet another that makes the Kube water filter genuinely outstanding. The knob allows you to change from filtered to unfiltered water without shutting down the main water supply. 

The knobs make it simpler for people who plan to use their filter for a long time. In case you have a high usage, the bypass knob aids in switching from filtered to unfiltered water settings seamlessly.

Toxins removed by the Kube Water Filtration System.

The list of toxins that this filter system can remove is long. Heavy metals, chemicals, gasoline-additive substances, industrial toxins, microbial components, pesticides, and herbicides are among the numerous unwanted substances that the Kube Water Filtration system removes. This unit gives healthy minerals while disposing of all impurities found in tap water

Apart from these features, many different variables make the Kube Water Filters appealing for many families. It is an affordable, yet solidly-built water filter reasonable quality unit that does not need any additional maintenance as long as you clean it every single day. 

A lot of people trust Kube blindly when it comes to buying a water filter. Study the kind of water in your area before you are off to buy any water filter. The life span of the unit you purchase will rely upon the usage as well as the sort of water in your area. This factor decides the kind of filter that will best serve your requirements.

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