Fluoride Free Water At Walmart (Full List)

Fluoridation in drinking water is a much-examined point.

Research on the two sides shows the benefits and potential dangers of fluorides in water, especially for newborn children.

The Environmental Protection Agency stringently directs how much fluoride is suitable in tap water, and you might need to decide on bottled water that is without fluoride.

In this article, we will be talking about why fluoride is added to water, why it very well might be a peril and afterward give you some fluoride-free bottled water brands to check out.

What Amount Of Fluoride Is Safe?

Fluoride is a profoundly reactive and poisonous substance that serves no fundamental function in human growth and improvement, without any indications of fluoride deficiency being recognized in humans.

Moreover, in spite of old science, the ingestion of fluoride gives no dental medical advantages.

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Indeed, fluoride’s negligible dental health impact comes basically through an effective application (contact with the surface of teeth).

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Fluoride’s Health Effects:

On top of fluoride ingestion being superfluous to human and dental health, fluoride is likewise characterized as a toxin.

Being connected to any semblance of lead, mercury and other lethal chemicals.

Also, here are only a couple of health impacts an excess of fluoride exposure might prompt:

  • Skeletal Fluorosis: More fragile bones, firmness and torment in joints
  • Dental Fluorosis: Harm to the surface of teeth
  • Pineal Gland Calcification: Lack of sleep and brought down melatonin
  • Brain Damage: Expanded oxidative pressure

All things considered, not exclusively does your body need fluoride.

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Any sum more than just brings you one bit nearer to the above health conditions.

In any case, how does bottled water add to this?

Does Bottled Water Have Fluoride?

Fluoride levels differ from one brand then onto the next.

For instance, spring water is generally a great source of low or without fluoride water, yet fluoride content can go somewhere in the range of 0.0 to 1.1 ppm.

While bottled water marked “cleaned” or “refined” – will contain no fluoride, except if the brand deliberately re-added it.

Presently as a general rule, bottled water is a fantastic source without fluoride water.

Hence, we have curated a list of fluoride-free bottled water brands that are available at Walmart.

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Brands of Bottled Water Without Fluoride Available at Walmart

Here are a couple of fluoride-free bottled water brands that you can try from Walmart:

Penta Water: Penta Water is bottled from a natural spring from California, yet it is delegated purified water because the company uses an exclusive 13-step process to filter the water.

Penta Water at walmart

The water is also free from chromium, chlorine, and bicarbonates.

The water is put through reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and ozonation without changing the naturally balanced pH of 7.

The TDS level is insignificant.

Essentia Water: Essentia Water is ionized alkaline water that has a seamless, delicate taste.

It is made by purifying and handling water from city sources.

Essentia Fluoride Free Water

It has a pH level of 9.5, which is accomplished by a three-step process (reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and electrolyte mixture).

Since the water is ionized, it tastes perfect and sweet.

Essentia water does not contain fluoride or chloride.

Gerber Pure Water: Gerber Pure Water has been uniquely formed for blending in with new equations and grain.

It is not sterile water; it is purged water with added minerals for taste and nutrients.

Gerber Pure Fluoride Free Water at Walmart

It is zero-sodium water that has no additional fluorides.

It has a TDS of 110 mg/L.

Mineral salts like magnesium sulphate, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium chloride are added to improve the taste.

Moreover, these minerals are in a proper amount that is beneficial even for babies.

Arrowhead Brand 100% Mountain Spring Water: Arrowhead sources its crisp spring water from natural springs in Western Canada, Colorado, and California.

It goes through a severe 10-step quality process to guarantee fresh-tasting water with a TDS of 250 mg per litre.

Arrowhead Brand 100% Mountain Spring fluoride free Water

The natural spring water is UV-filtered to remove contaminations and any pointless minerals.

Arrowhead offers both fluoridated and non-fluoridated spring water.

The fluoridated water bottles are obviously named and follow FDA guidelines.

While picking your bottle, actually take a look at the name to check whether it is the non-fluoridated type.

It has a pH range somewhere in the range of 6.6 and 8.2, making it somewhat soluble.

Niagara Purified Water: Niagara offers a huge variety of bottled waters.

Among its product offering, just Niagara Purified Water and Infant Water are totally sans fluoride.

Niagara Purified Fluoride Free Water at Walmart

Niagara Spring water might contain some naturally occurring fluoride that is left immaculate.

Niagara Purified water, then again, has no perceptible degrees of fluoride.

Tiny quantities of other high-grade minerals like sulphates and carbonates are added to this water for taste.

It is low-sodium water.

This cleaned water goes through reverse osmosis and micron filtration to remove any foreign substances.

Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water: Ice Mountain water is bottled at springs in Michigan, close to the Muskegon River watershed.

With a TDS of 350 mg/L, Ice Mountain uses a 10-venture quality control routine to screen the mineral substance of the water.

Ice Mountain Natural Spring Fluoride Free Water at Walmart

Ice Mountain does not sell any fluoridated water; just naturally found minerals are available in the water.

The pH of Ice Mountain water is marginally soluble, somewhere in the range of 7.9 and 8.1. Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water tastes smooth and fresh.

Ozarka: Ozarka sources natural spring water from springs ascending from Eastern Texas.

Ozarka no longer sells fluoridated water, and that implies their total reach is without fluoride.

Ozarka Fluoride Free Water at Walmart

The pH ranges from 5.4 to 7.1, placing it in the scope of somewhat acidic to nonpartisan.

The water tastes fresh and reviving, with a TDS of 110 mg/L.

Note that Ozarka Sparkling Water is sans fluoride however is carbonated.

The company pumps carbon dioxide into natural spring water to make it shimmer.

Sam’s Choice: Sam’s Choice pure drinking water is exceptionally formulated and is available to be purchased at Walmart stores.

Named after the founder of famous Walmart, Sam Walton, this brand purges tap water and adds extra minerals for taste.

Sam’s Choice water at Walmart

It is sans fluoride and has followed levels of chloride and sulphate salts.

It is likewise without sodium.

It is low-mineral water, with a TDS of 29 mg/L.

Magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate are added to improve the taste.

Icelandic Glacial: Icelandic Glacial brings Iceland’s best to your doorstep, with natural spring water bottled directly from the Ölfus Spring in southwestern Iceland.

Albeit the water is not obtained from a real ice sheet, it is bottled from a natural underground spring.

Icelandic Glacial Fluoride Free Bottled Water

It has a pH of 8.4, making it alkaline.

It tastes smooth and delicate.

No extra minerals are added to this water since it is filtered through the volcanic stone.

The water is without fluoride yet contains the appropriate measures of sodium.

It has a TDS of 62 ppm.

ESKA: ESKA spring water is obtained from calcium-rich Canadian springs in Abitibi.

This cold water from Quebec is naturally filtered through rocks for over 15 years, after which it is bottled at the source in the wake of going through UV sterilization.

Eska Fluoride Free Bottled Water at Walmart

It has a TDS level of 86 mg/L, giving it an unmistakably sweet, fresh taste.

The water is pretty much balanced, with a pH of 7.8.

Poland Spring: Poland Spring sources its water from eight natural springs in Maine.

It has a pH level that ranges from6.6 from 8.2, contingent upon which spring it is obtained from, which adds to an extremely slight difference in the taste.

Poland Spring Fluoride Free water at walmart

It has a TDS of 70 mg/L.

It does not have any noticeable degrees of fluoride and is made out of natural bicarbonate and sulphate salts that loan to the fresh taste.

Poland Spring Sparkling Water is additionally sans fluoride, yet it is not naturally carbonated.

Carbonation is added to spring water to add to the taste. Poland Spring Origin is sans fluoride natural spring water that also has natural electrolytes.

Dasani: A part of The Coca-Cola Company, Dasani water is sourced from different sources.

It goes through an exceptional Reverse Osmosis and microfiltration process, after which additional minerals are added for taste and nourishment.

Dasani Fluoride Free Bottled Water at Walmart

This water is totally sans fluoride and viable with a low-sodium diet.

Assuming that you are worried about the climate, you can choose Dasani’s PlantBottle drive, which uses bottles produced using sugarcane scraps.

It has a TDS of 36 mg/L, making it a great choice.

Aquafina: Aquafina refines water from different sources and bottles it after defluoridation.

It does not have too many added minerals and salts.

Aquafina fluoride free water bottle at Walmart

It goes through around 320 tests to check the water quality and taste.

This refined water contains just nitrates and sulphates and has a TDS worth of 10 mg/L.

This allows Aquafina to live up to its name of ‘totally unadulterated tasting water,’ as it has no different added substances.

Evian Natural Spring Water: Evian Natural Spring Water is obtained from the snow-covered French Alps.

Bottled at Cachat Spring, this water is without fluoride.

Evian Natural Spring Water Fluoride Free
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The water is bottled at the source, guaranteeing no tainting until you open the cap.

It goes through a 15-year natural filtration process, giving it a typically sweet taste.

It has a pH of 7.59, making it acidic in nature. With a TDS of 340 mg/L, it tastes reviving and fresh.

All electrolytes are naturally happening.

Nestlé Pure Life: Nestlé Pure Life gets its water from different metropolitan sources.

The water then, at that point, goes through a 12-step decontamination and filtration process to eliminate microbes, viruses, and different toxins.

nestle purelife fluoride free water

One of these cycles is defluoridation, where any fluorides added to the metropolitan source are taken out.

It is additionally free of sodium, with a TDS of 60 ppm. This water has a pH between 6.8 to 7.4, making it pretty much acidic.

Minerals like calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate, and sodium bicarbonate are added for taste.

Well, these were a couple of recommendations of the water bottle brands that serve fluoride-free water and are available at Walmart. We hope it helps you with picking fluoride-free water on the go.

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