Does ZeroWater Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Zero Water Filter is known for great filter results, which you can affirm whenever with the water quality TDS meter. That accompanies it, yet at the same time, the most posed question is, does the Zero Water filter remove fluoride?

We are not going to rely on what ZeroWater needs to say about their filter. We are going to test the water ourselves and check whether we can detect fluoride with our fluoride meter. We can be certain that the water is protected to drink along these lines.

Even though the filter can, without much of a stretch, remove the vast majority of the intoxicants, impurities, and poisonous chemicals like lead, fluoride, and chlorine, as per the claims made by ZeroWater.

Fluoride is a chemical substance that is added to water systems to forestall tooth decay. It is anything but a fundamental supplement, yet it is not disengaged from public water systems.

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What Does ZeroWater Filter Includes

Certain individuals really try to avoid fluoride because of the potential secondary effects that it might cause.

This article will perceive how far Zerowater Filter experiences its claims.

Does the Zero Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

ZeroWater Pitcher Fluoride Filter Changing

After a deep examination, every one of the data sets is accessible around the ZeroWater filter 5-stage. The unavoidable issue emerges “Is it successful in fluoride removal from tap water?””

At long last, the response is “yes.” ZeroWater filter is the most advanced filter on the planet.

A ZeroWater filter can remove up to 99.6% of all pollutants from water, and it includes fluoride in the event that your filter is not slow or obstructed.

It uses a five-step water filtration technology with an ion exchange technology to guarantee the end of the foreign substances to a specific level, which is known to cause cancer and other diseases.

For the most part, the fluoride content in your tap water is between 0.6 ppm to 0.10 ppm.

It is not the same every single time. It tends to be extremely high that differs in different geographical areas.

A Zero Water filter can eliminate fluoride content from water at 0.1ppm.

It gives better safety against different inorganic chemical substances and gives you a fresh, scentless, extraordinary taste and clean water.

How Does A Zero Water Filter Pitcher Remove Fluoride?

ZeroWater Filter Pitcher
ZeroWater Filter Pitcher with Filtration Technology

Nonetheless, fluoride is not known as a hazardous substance to consume. Yet, its determinants are far more offset than the expressed benefits.

It is difficult to remove all toxins from your drinking water. In which, you use the filter only a couple of steps through the filtration process.

To polish off safely without fluoride filtered water, your small-sized water pitcher should have different phases of filtration.

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Zero Water Filters come with an in-built TDS meter and 5 step filtration process for removing fluoride. Its sleek design is the best filter for small fridges, with a stream pace of 6.5 oz per minute.

The five phases of filtration remove not only fluoride but also many other toxins from the water.

Zero Water Five-Step Advanced Filtration System:

ZeroWater Filter Pitcher Process

STAGE 1: The coarse filter screen assists with removing particles like dirt and rust from the water.

Without the coarse filter, tap water can have harmful microorganisms, which can cause diseases.

STAGE 2: The froth distributor takes out the all-out dissolved solids that are left behind.

The froth distributor will work by making small openings in the foam.

After this, the water goes through these openings in the foam. This way, the water can be easily filtered as it goes through the distributor.

Stage 3: Activated carbon water filter makes the water sterile, prevents any bacteria from breeding, and decreases the presence of natural chemical substances and mixtures like pesticides, herbicides, mercury, chlorine, and chloramines.

STAGE 4: Effectively eliminates radiological, non-metals, and metals with the double ion exchange filter in the system.

The water particles separate into H2O atoms and total dissolved solids during filtration. Fluoride, a substance, is taken out from the water at this stage.

STAGE 5: The superfine screen and nonwoven film layers totally remove the solids left behind in the water.

The five stages of the ZeroWater filter can eliminate fluoride and change the taste, nature of the plainly filtered water you need to drink.

ZeroWater filter pitchers are the most well known to make soluble water, and its most remarkable aspect endures significantly longer than other filtered water filters.

Along these lines, you are setting aside cash and time too. The company for sure stays true to its claims.

What is fluoride? What does fluoride do?

The negatively charged particle of the component fluorine is known as fluoride. It belongs from the halogen group and responds effectively with different substances, and it is additionally a result of phosphate compost.

It would be best if you make sure to refrain from drinking a lot of fluorides because it can harm your bones.

Fluoride is a substance that does not occur openly in nature. However, it forms compounds with metals such as fluoride. It very well may be present in water, eggs, red meat, and a few fruits in natural forms.

It is a compound that is also found in the drinking water supply and is used in numerous things.

Plenty of us have most likely known about fluoride in our water, yet the terrible things that fluoride can do to the human body are as yet not well-known.

It can make your teeth weak as you get older, and it can assist with preventing tooth decay.

Nonetheless, there are a few things you really want to be aware of before you settle on any choices about it.

How does fluoride enter drinking water?

The maximum concentration of fluoride in the water should be 1mg. Anything beyond that is hazardous to human health.

Unadulterated water and processed beverages like plain lemon water, sodas, and juices give around 75 percent of an individual’s fluoride intake in the United States.

Fluoride has great tooth-reinforcing properties. So it is added to the tap water supply.

It has been related to wellbeing troubles like headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and depression. Thus, fluoride has been restricted and banned since 1976.

Fluoride minerals occur naturally in stones, soil, water, and air. Thus, it comes to the groundwater and gets blended in our well or groundwater.

Thus, you really want to get an ideal filter for a well or groundwater.

Pros and Cons of Fluoride:


  • As per American Dental Association (ADA), fluoride is blended in water to improve soluble impact on our body, and we are clarifying some water fluoridation benefits:
  • It helps in improving dental health
  • Can diminish tooth rot by 20 to 40 per cent
  • Safeguards tooth against cavities
  • Applying fluoride to kids’ teeth can forestall or dial back rot
  • Kids had under 35% fill, missing, or rotted child teeth


There are a few potential cons of an excessive fluoride intake like:

  • Thyroid issues: Sometimes, it can hurt the parathyroid organ, which causes hyperparathyroidism and uncontrolled discharge of parathyroid chemicals.
  • Neurological issues: As per a study published in 2017, an excessive exposure to fluoride before birth could influence a child’s cognitive health.
  • Dental fluorosis: The best fluoride content is 0.7 ppm for excellent dental health. It very well may be perilous above 4.0 ppm. Keep away from using fluoride-containing mouthwash for kids under the age of 6 years.
  • Skeletal fluorosis: Excess fluoride exposure might cause bone infection (Skeletal fluorosis). In long, this can bring about distress, torment, harm to joints and bones.

Well, that was it about fluoride.

And lucky for you, you can save yourself from the risks posed by fluoride with the help of ZeroWater Filters.

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