Does Clearly Filtered Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water

Certain people will drink pretty much any water they find. Others are very pompous in their choice of water, refusing to drink everything except the most excellent and most invigorating sources of water.

And that is when filters from Clearly Filtered shine brightly.

This pitcher has an amazing filter that is ready to remove around 230 impurities from your water.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher for Drinking Water

But does Clearly Filtered water filters remove fluoride from water? Well, let’s find out about it as we proceed.

But, before that, let us learn some basics about fluoride.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a substance added to 75 per cent of tap water supplies in the United States on the appearance of promoting dental health.

Nonetheless, fluoride has been displayed to cause more harm to general health as compared with its broadcasted benefits for dental health.

Indeed, water fluoridation may really not affect dental health by any means.

The chemical toxins referred to as “fluoride” incorporate fluoride, sodium fluoride, and hydrofluorosilicic acid.

None of these is endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This implies fluoridation chemicals have not gone through testing like prescriptions do because fluoride is viewed as a tap water “added substance” and not a medicine.

This characterization was given and still stands in spite of the way that it is in reverse fluoride is added to drinking water to treat cavities and tooth rot in individuals, not to treat the water.

Many of the fluoridation chemicals used result from compound assembling processes, especially those from the phosphate compost industry.

This “modern grade drug” is suitable under the law and is a long way from the medicinal-grade one needed for prescriptions.

None of the chemical compounds used to fluoridate water are natural supplements, which implies the body should not bother with fluoride in any form.

For what reason is fluoride in my tap water?

Fluoride was misleadingly presented as a tap water added substance in 1945 to prevent cavities because it helps dispense with cavity-causing microscopic organisms.

Today it is added to 75 per cent of U.S. tap water supplies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) underwrites its use and even believes fluoridation of local area water supplies to be one of the best health accomplishments of the century.

In any case, studies have battled to show that upgrades in dental health are straightforwardly the result of fluoride and are not credited in any part to further developed admittance to dental specialists, dental hygiene technology, or even toothbrushes that have been made since the time of water fluoridation.

Fluoride is also added in tap water because of the disintegration of natural stores and in the release from manure and aluminium processing plants.

Naturally occurring fluoride is incredibly uncommon.

In the situations where it happens, the levels are generally excessively high and should be taken out to make water protected to drink.

Why is fluoride harmful to human health?

Fluoride consumption is not suggested at levels higher than 10 mg each day.

An excessive intake of fluoride can create fluctuating outcomes relying upon how much your fluoride exposure is and regardless of whether it constantly happens, throughout a significant stretch of time, or quickly.

Constantly significant degrees of fluoride intake can influence teeth and bones, while intense ingestion of a lot of fluorides can cause more difficult secondary effects and may even be dangerous.


Fluorosis can start at whatever stage in life, and it appears with white spots or white streaks on the teeth.

Because fluoride-actuated mineralization can even influence teeth that are as yet creating under the gums, fluorosis can affect kids who are presented to significant degrees of fluoride. In contrast, their teeth are as yet developing.

Some of the time, fluorosis might create a rough texture on the outer layer of the teeth.

Fluorosis is essentially a cosmetic concern and is not accepted to be harmful to teeth.

Fluorosis does not get better on its own, and it is truly challenging to fix.

In the event that you foster this condition, be careful of at-home surface level medicines, for example, tooth brightening gels or creams, because they can cause further staining of the teeth.

To stay miles away from fluorosis, do not expose your teeth to an excessive amount of fluoride, either with supplements or through an excessive exposure to toothpaste or mouthwash.

Clean your teeth for like three times each day, do not use mouthwash over and over again and make sure to spit out mouthwash from your mouth within 30 seconds.

Bone Fragility

Inordinate fluoride ingestion has also been found to cause an uncommon condition called skeletal fluorosis, which is described by weak bones and solidifying or stiffening of the joints.

Skeletal fluorosis can build the danger of fractures.

Intense Fluoride Toxicity

Intense fluoride toxicity can cause stomach upset, nausea, retching, and diarrhoea.

Sometimes, particularly with kids, the impacts can become hazardous.

Intense toxicity is unprecedented because the centralizations of fluoride in water, toothpaste, and mouthwash are too low to even think about causing an excess of fluoride.

Well, now that you know how harmful fluoride is to human health, let us see if the Clearly Filtered Water Filters remove fluoride or not?

Does Clearly Filtered Water Filter Remove Fluoride From Water?

Clearly Filtered with Affinity Filtration Technology empowers you to Remove up to 99.5% of fluoride from your tap water, giving you the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing that your drinking water is at long last perfect and safe.

Removing fluoride is pretty difficult to do and requires a particular kind of filtration technology.

For this reason most standard filters do not eliminate fluoride.

Clearly Filtered with Affinity Filtration Technology is unique, offering you removal of fluoride and up to 270+ different impurities more than some other filters available in the market as of now.

But again, you will need to replace your Clearly Filtered Pitcher Filter every four months so that it can equip you with clean and spotless drinking water that is free of fluoride.

And with that, we have now come to an end to our aid. We hope it helped you in finding the answers you were hunting for.

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