Cheap Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

Are you looking for a way to remove fluoride from your water? For a while now, the United States of America and a lot of other countries have kept on adding fluoride to their public water supply. However, as indicated by studies from different researchers, water containing fluoride influences the cavities and can cause other hurtful impacts. 

Fluoride has its benefits, yet its harmful impacts on human health have prompted many debates to get rid of it from the water. Even though it has positive effects, too, fluoride is the root of many health-related issues. 

In this article, we have listed the ways by which you can remove fluoride from your drinking water. But before that, let us understand why fluoride can be harmful to the body.

Fluoride and Its Harmful Effects:

how to get fluoride out of water

Ingestion of too much fluoride, most often found in drinking water, can cause Fluorosis, affecting the teeth and bones’ health. Moderate amounts lead to dental issues. However, prolonged ingestion of a considerable amount can prompt severe skeletal problems. 

Strangely, low degrees of fluoride ingestion help to forestall dental issues. The control of drinking-water quality is very imperative in avoiding Fluorosis.

The condition and its impact on people FluorosisAn excessive ingestion of fluoride causes fluorosis. The dental effects of Fluorosis can develop1 significantly sooner than the skeletal effects in people exposed to a lot of fluorides on a regular basis. 

Clinical dental Fluorosis is determined by staining and pitting of the teeth. In more extreme cases of all, the veneer might get damaged too. Nonetheless, fluoride may not be the sole cause of dental veneer defects. 

Enamel opacities like dental Fluorosis are related to different conditions, like malnutrition along with vitamin A and D deficiency and a poor protein-consumption diet. 

A consistent yet high level of exposure to fluoride can prompt Skeletal Fluorosis. In skeletal Fluorosis, fluoride gets collected in the bone dynamically over a long period of time. The early symptoms of skeletal Fluorosis include stiffness and excessive pain in the joints. 

The bone structure might change in severe cases, and ligaments might calcify, accompanied by muscles’ impairment and excessive pain. 

A constant significant level of exposure to fluoride causes immediate impacts like stomach ache or abdominal pain, excess saliva, nausea and puking. Seizures and muscle fits may also happen.

Cheap Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

Since there have been constant debates on fluoridation, many like to remove it to stay safe. In this article, we will give you incredible ways to remove fluoride from water. 

You might plan on trying the carbon filter method, but, honestly, it is not practical. The reason being the size of the fluoride particles are very small for the filter to catch. All things considered, you will need the best and potent methods to get rid of it. Let us get into it!


how to remove fluoride from water
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The distillation technique is an optimal method for those who are searching for ways to remove fluoride from water in a very affordable way. It is considered as perhaps the most seasoned method used to make water free from toxins. 

Unlike some other fluoride removal techniques, distillation works just like the earth water cycle. It uses the natural process, which allows the water to evaporate and, later, condensate. 

In this method, water containing fluoride is heated to cause it to evaporate into another container where it condensates. As this happens, the fluoride remains behind, leaving the water unadulterated and clean. 

One of the most significant disadvantages of using the distillation method is that it also removes other unwanted minerals. This ends up making distillation an ideal way to remineralize the water to increase the pH level somewhat and gives you a perfect water quality.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

how to remove fluoride from water for free

A reverse osmosis filtration system is perhaps the most innovative choice regarding an effective expulsion of fluoride from water. This method can dispose of around 95% of fluorine present in the water. 

Using a reverse osmosis filter is a very common strategy that is used for removing fluoride from water as it requires little maintenance. Moreover, compared with other different approach, this filtration system is very safe to use and can be pretty affordable. 

This strategy uses pressure technology to drive the water coming into your home to go through the filtration cycle. It has a semipermeable layer and carbon filters that assimilate fluoride once the water goes through it. 

Apart from fluoride, it also removes many other pollutants, including chlorine, lead, and more. Most reverse osmosis water filters use a 4 phase cycle to make the water thoroughly filtered. 

For the whole house reverse osmosis systems, this kind works like the under sink water filters as they help to remove pollutants at all sinks in the house. Most homeowners generally install it in their garage to keep it hidden. Be that as it may, because of the significant expense of maintaining a whole house RO system and the time it takes to filter water, people might prefer opting for different alternatives. 

Therefore, as a homeowner, you might want to install a smaller system, possibly under the kitchen sink. Also, you can use a UV filtration system to get rid of the contaminants.

Actuated Alumina

fluoride free water

This compound is extracted from sapphire and rubies, after which pollutants are added to give a distinct shade like gemstones. It is usually known as aluminium oxide, is used to treat significant groundwater sources with an excess of fluoride. 

It can draw in a high amount of fluoride when used to treat water because of its high retention limit. As per EPA, the Activated Alumina is also a very robust method that you can use to remove fluoride as well as thallium and arsenic.

Activated Alumina can remove around 90% of fluoride present in the water. In any case, for it to absorb the fluoride and work successfully, the water should be at a pH level lower than 6.5. 

On the off chance that you think about using an Activated Alumina, you should also keep in mind that it does not get rid of the fluoride present in the water thoroughly. Moreover, it reduces the concentration to a negligible level of 0.1 ppm, making the water safe for drinking. 

One of the drawbacks of using activated Alumina is that you will have to replace the cartridge every now and then. Also, the result after use is very questionable. Therefore, you should perform frequent testing to ensure that the system works properly and the water is fluoride-free.


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Deionization is another foolproof method to remove fluoride from drinking water. It is often used to remove minerals and ionizes salt present in water. 

To remove fluoride with this method, you can add an ion-exchange resin to the system.  

For those who use other water filtration systems at their place, you can also add a deionizer to it. All you need is to get the deionization cartridge and afterwards add it to the current filtration system. 

The most astonishing aspect of this method is that it removes the fluoride present in the water and helps soften the water while removing other impurities present in the water.

But, in case you are searching for how to remove fluoride from drinking water, this is the most brilliant option. The reason being you can easily add it to your current housing filtration system.

Remove the Fluoride with a Countertop Water Filter

how to get rid of fluoride in water

With a countertop water filter, you can supply drinking water for home use. You can use this device to serve families of up to 6 people. It also comes in different sizes and can withstand prolonged use. 

Most models have light features, and they do not need any external sources of power so they can move to your area. It even does not require a connection to your plumbing.

Clean the Water with Tulsi or Holy Basil

Throwing a few leaves of Tulsi or Basil probably won’t seem like a reliable method, particularly assuming you need to know how to remove fluoride in water. In any case, if you pick some tulsi or basil, you can get rid of the fluoride from water.

Researchers showed that Tulsi could cut down a significant amount of fluoride in water to an acceptable level. To use this plant, soak the leaves in fluoridated water for two or three hours. 

Assuming you need to know how to remove fluoride from water free of charge, Tulsi is definitely an optimal way. Regardless of whether it is not free, it does not even cost a lot.

Water Filter Pitcher

how to get fluoride free water

With regards to the removal of fluoride and other unwanted substances from water, this is one of the well-known methods used in many homes. In contrast to different techniques used to remove fluoride, the water pitcher is extremely easy to use, and you need not worry about any installation process. To use it, you can simply fill it with water and put it in the fridge. 

The water filter pitchers have three primary setups – the supply, filter, and pitcher. To begin with, water goes into the reservoir and afterwards goes through the filter. The filter catches foreign substances a while later, allowing clean water to go down to the pitcher. 

After consistent use, the filter gets clogged up because of the accumulated substances. Hence, it would help if you replaced it so that you can get clean and healthy water regularly. Also, if you live in a tiny space, a water filter pitcher is a great option.

Bone Char Carbon/Brimac Char

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Bone Char is derived from ground cattle bones that have passed through a heating cycle. Also known as Brimac Char, they can remove up to 90% fluoride from water. However, it works viably when the water is a little acidic in pH level.

It also works flawlessly to remove a lot of different pollutants, including lead, cadmium, and arsenic. To simply state, it can remove both natural and synthetic materials because of its highly absorbent ionic surface. 

 The bone burn comes in a filter cartridges structure. Nonetheless, you can replace the cartridge every now and then to ensure effective performance.

Treat the Water with a Gravity Filter

Assuming you need one of the commonly used methods to remove fluoride from water, take a stab at getting your hands on a gravity water filter. With this filter, you can use gravity to remove toxins from your water supply. 

This filter comprises lower and upper sections. One contains the contaminated water supply while the other end supplies the water in its purest form. 

Using a gravity filter offers many more advantages than your conventional filtration methods. In the first place, it can work without any plumbing or power. It also comes in different sizes. Hence, you can pick one as per your requirement. Lastly, it is very easy to use and install.

Whole House Filters

how to remove flouride from water

One of the ways to remove fluoride from water includes investing money into an extensive filtration system, especially for wells with impure water. Apart from dispensing with toxins quickly, getting a whole house water filter is a viable option as it can handle a massive volume of water at once. 

So here is the solution to your “What are the Cheap Ways To Remove Fluoride From Water?” question. Fluoride plays a fundamental part in many processes, like the treatment of water. However, it can pertain to a few health issues. Hence, one should be better safe than sorry. 

You can use different methods to purify fluoridated water. These methods incorporate using a lot of different kinds of filters or tail leaves. Also, reverse osmosis or a water pitcher can work effectively in cleansing your drinking water.

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